Monday, June 3, 2013

Cosmopolitan and Revlon Polished Event

You know how they say every girl has something about her body she’d like a change? Well I have a list. And it’s long. Just one of my gripes are my hands and nails. My mother has long slender hands and those elegant, pointy nails. I have short, sausage-like stubs with square nails. Beauty therapists like to convince me they’re square-oval because at least that’s a fashionable shape. But these babies are nothing fashionable.

Since they don’t make magic knickers or a Wonderbra equivalent for nails, I resorted to the next best thing: nail polish. So from a young age when all I was allowed to use was that Tinkerbell stuff that you could peel off to the days of Gellish, my nails are almost always covered in varnish. You can imagine how attractive they look when I go bare. (Sometimes I like to scare men who have wronged me by flashing my nude nails at them and watching them recoil in fear)

So when I received an invite to Cosmo Polished event, I squealed with glee. In fact I probably did break out into a Glee-inspired number.

The event was hosted by Cosmopolitan (duh) and Revlon and held at the super-fancy Bree Street Studios. Me and one of my besties Sara grabbed some pink champers and made our way to the front row. Thanks Cosmo for the reserved seating, you know how to make a girl and her friend feel special.

The setup consisted of a nail station with all the essentials a girl would need for the perfect manicure. There was cotton buds, sponges, toothpicks (oh yeah), nail polish remover and some other products from the Revlon range. Most importantly there was stand of nail polish including Revlon’s latest collection Brilliant Strength. You may have noticed the ad campaign with Emma Stone doing the rounds at the moment.


To start we were welcomed by Cosmo’s new editor Cathy Lund, who is all kinds of adorable in real life. Seriously I wanted to hug her but that kind of behaviour normally gets me kicked out of events. She in turn introduced Chi Chi who was our manicure tutor. Chi Chi took us through three styles that are gonna change the way we do our nails: ombre, nail art and marble effect. No more boring red for us. Chi Chi showed us all the steps needed to try these three styles and you know what, she made it look *just as easy* as those smug bitches on Pinterest make it look.

 And the truth? It was relatively easy. To mess it up. Sara managed to do the marble effect on her first try. And it looked amaze. Seriously have a look. The rest of the nails were a little bit more interesting. Sara, if you’re reading this, love ya.

I attempted the ombre look. It was more like the sombre look if I’m honest. It was all going so well until I found a way to mess it up. In fact one of the very helpful and nice Revlon ladies had to come over and help me. Like the slow kid in a classroom. I was that girl.

While we were doing our nails, we were entertained by the band Shenfm who you have to check out. If only because they are super-hot. Music isn’t bad either :)


So after numerous attempts at trying to create some nail art, I finally succeeded and came up with this masterpiece. Yes that is a smiley face with eyebrows. Take that Pinterest!

Massive thanks to the wonderful peeps at Cosmopolitan who invited us and made this whole evening special. Special shout out to all the Revlon girls for not laughing at my nail art and being so patient with me. Also massive props for the insane goodie bag. I didn’t take a picture of the contents because as soon as I peeked inside it was a goner. Hopefully this picture will suffice.

How we roll at events.
Why I'll probably not be invited to another event.

Enjoying the life (while we can).

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. haha I love your attempt at the ombre I have tried many a time but guess I will never add nail artist to my skills list

    1. they really make it look so easy and it's not at all.
      I really want ombre nails so gonna keep on trying but think will not photograph the attempts :)


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