Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabulous Postsecret

Because of the weekend away I didn't log onto Postsecret on Sunday as usual. I just did and came across this great secret that made me realize I feel the same way about my life.

Skinny Bitches don't need no haters!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

News of the World of Skinny Bitches

This past weekend, the Skinny Bitches and a dozen friends ventured into the countryside for a weekend away. While some of us are more adapting to the country life, I was a teensy bit hesitant. With no city noise, no hair straighteners and having seen The Hills Have Eyes one too many times, I was no fan of the outdoors. What we got however was enough to make me even venture back. We stayed in two fabulous self-catering cottages on the Breede River smack-bang in the middle of wine country. If I still had any fears I drank them way. I have now decided spending a weekend any other way than drunk is just not fun at all. I wonder if I can become a wine-taster when I grow up.

Spending three days with four types of couples makes you think. Mostly I was thinking how fabulous it is to be single when seeing some relationships up close. Now I know an outsider can never really know what is happening in other people's relationships but jeez louise, I feel sorry for guys sometimes. Most of the bad stuff I witnessed in coupledom was coming from my female friends. I know girls can be bitches to each other but I have never realised how hard it is for a guy. I saw grown men being shouted at for drinking, having fun and wanting to start a fire. I saw girls punish their boyfriends for past discretions that should have been forgotten by now. I also saw one couple so in love they didn't have a problem all weekend (these were the gays who are now my relationship role models). But most of all I saw myself swearing off relationships. Please people, give me hope they're not all like this.

The best news, and the reason we drank so much, was that Skinny Bitches are OFFICIALLY moving out.The lease has been signed, the deposit's been paid and we're sooooo excited. Finally our dream of nearly a year has been accomplished. We'll be moving into a fabulous two bedroom flat near Kloof Street on 1st August. First come the jobs, the flat and then hopefully the boys!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday's Mantra

This week is all about being ahead of the game.
I believe I should have gone to bed earlier last night.
I’m addicted to dreaming about our new flat.
I wish I could fast-forward this Monday.
I’m jealous of no one! Heck, we're moving out, right now who could we be jealous of?
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week I don't need to be on someone's arm to look good.