Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The World Is Spinning

Ever feel like it’s all too much and there’s a whole bunch of things going on that the things you really want to do and enjoy doing – like blogging – are put on the backburner.
Well that’s what I feel like at the moment. Some of the stuff has been good. Some has been really exciting. Some could mean amazing things for the future and some is just so crap that it makes me rush home, dive under the covers, switch the electric blanket on and ignore the world.

Since I care very much about my readership I won’t bore you with tales of what has been happening the past couple of weeks. What I will fill you in on is all the stuff that has been helping me get through it all.

Mindy Kaling

I recently got Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) as a present from my brother. I love Mindy Kaling, particularly as Kelly Kapoor on The Office.  I’ve always thought there’s a bit of Kelly in every girl. She knows her pop culture, she watches Glee, loves shopping and has real relationship problems. Also bitch is batshit. Mindy has stated that Kelly is an exaggerated version of her. So reading this book was awesome.

Flying Saucers

As a self-confessed fat kid I love my candy. I recently professed my love for flying saucers, a sherbet-filled wafer sweet made by angels but not readily available in SA. Luckily for me I have really nice co-workers, particularly ones who don’t mind bringing back presents from overseas. This is me with 500 flying saucers. Cut to a few days after the picture and that container is empty. For reals. I would like to say that I shared the majority of them but I didn’t.

Parks and Recreation

I’ve been catching up on my stories and I have to say Parks and Recreation is definitely one of my all-time favourite shows. I love Lesley Knope played by Amy Poehler. She is adorable, funny and events things like “Galentine’s Day” for female friends to celebrate their love. Also she is a big dork which makes the rest of us dorks feel awesome. 

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Get Ready Monsters

Gaga is coming to South Africa! My gays and I are about to go cray!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Lover

So love at first sight...something I've always believed in. Whether it's a pair of shoes, a cupcake, a fat Asian baby or some dark-haired, blue-eyed boy I fall and I fall hard.

Last week I was doing my thang at the Press Room Summer Preview, you know chatting with the girls, lusting after the shoes the fashion editors were wearing, drinking some champers when it happened. I turned my head and I knew it was real. The heavens opened, birds chirped and violins played.

There proudly displayed was my new obsession: the Dolce and Gabbana Gold Edition sunglasses.

The collection comprises of prescription and sunglasses with an 18 carat gold-plated frame. I was particularly  enamoured with the sunglasses as you can see below.

But as all love affairs, it had to end sometime. For me, it was around the time I heard the price of these sunnies R6490. Sorry but homie don't play that.

Alas, it was good while it lasted.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why I Blog...

I recently read a blog post that has been causing a whole bunch of furor about bloggers charging. I agreed with the bit about bloggers getting paid if they are called on to promote or advertise a product or brand. Writing isn’t that easy, y’all. It takes work to make a press release sound faboosh. I also feel it’s up to those bloggers who want to make money off their blogs. Some of us are doing it for different reasons. And I think that’s where the post can be misconstrued. It was clearly written for those who need to pay them bills.

I’m not gonna lie if I was offered moolah to advertise a product I’d do it. Those heels are not gonna pay for themselves. I would disclose it though. At the same time, as a baby blogger compared to the really fabulous ones out there, I have also done my fair share of free posts. I feel that it’s all part of paying my dues, getting some exposure and all that nonsense. Also I have a hard time saying no.

Now well I believe in getting paid to blog I also believe that for some stuff you don’t need to get paid to write a gushing post. I have received stuff to review, been invited to launches and got goodie bags. And honestly it was AH-MAZING! And that’s probably why I write about them. They give me the same happy feeling in my stomach I usually get from cupcakes. If it didn’t it probably wouldn’t appear on the blog. Which is probably why some PR peeps don’t like me.

Now all that stuff is lovely but that’s not the only reason I blog. Since 2009 I have documented many personal things including my love for magic knickers and food. A lot of food. I’ve put my work and colleague frustration online. I’ve managed to secure a fashion column from my blog. I openly declared my girl crush on Robyn Cooke and I know she feels the same way. I’ve started a list of Dos and Don’ts my Future Boyfriend *will* adhere to. I've got to hang out with Bryan Boy (one of my favourite things in the world). I've been invited to celebrate Singleton Awareness Day (aka stupid Valentine's Day). I got to paint my name in the Poetry store window. Managed to turn a Coffee Club meeting into a fabulous event that got out-of-this coverage over here, here, here, here, here, and here.

And that's why I blog :)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!