Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Woman's Right To Shoes

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know me as Tweets in Heels. For those who don’t, my love of shoes, particularly high heels should not be foreign to you. After all I literally write for shoes.( If you don’t believe me check out the blog I write for Bronx Ladies where I get paid in shoes).

In summary, I’m a big fan of heels.

Being blessed not only with curves and gaydar, I also am vertically challenged. Which means heels are my saving grace. I instantly go from knocking into average size people’s knees to knocking into their shoulders. Now as an avid heel wearer I must admit something. Even though I’d be nothing without them, there are times when these little beauties can hurt. I’ve found that I can usually manage a full day of heels without complaints. It’s what happens after I leave work that’s the problem. If I have a shopping errand, those fierce heels that have made my outfit start making me use four-letter words. If I go dancing and have not had the benefit of a foot massage beforehand, when you see me shouting my way through Don’t Stop Believin’ it’s really me trying to channel the pain somewhere else.

So when some angels dropped off this little number I was overjoyed.

Kiwi’s Smiling Feet are a gel cushions that can be slipped into your heels and can alleviate some of that pain it takes to look good. Those clever peeps have even gone one further by creating an entire range of gel cushions to treat several different areas that might that can be a tad uncomfortable.

I’ll definitely be pairing these handy little things with all my heels. After all, why should we gals compromise on style.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Future Boyfriend, Part Four

Dear Future Boyfriend Part Four

I run the risk of this sounding whiny and desperate but oh FB where are you?! I have spent some time in the company of other men – not in a slutty way – and they’ve just reminded why I hold out hope for someone like you. I’ve always believed boys are good. And I’m not just talking about my gays, they’re in a whole other example of how great men can be. I’ve seen firsthand how boys can be caring and fun and not fuckwits that make you sad and eat your way to cellulite. But the road to these good men is usually clouded with losers and guys who don’t call. I’ve always been prepared to kiss a few frogs before finding you, after all, it will make being with you so much sweeter. But sometimes the actions of these other boys can ruin a girl.

Obviously FB you are not one of those boys. But just in case you were trying to pull any douchebag tricks, here’s a list of things you should never do:

*Firstly never play games. Yes we’ve all been there and we’ve all lived to tell that playing hard to get works but it’s annoying. Who came up with these rules that we have to wait a certain number of days before returning calls. It’s lame. If you like me, let me know. Obviously if you’re stalker-like don’t let me know.

*If we meet in a club and all you really want to do is kiss me or take me home, let me know upfront. Don’t ask for my number as a way to entice me. Sometimes alcohol and a good dance beat makes me weak and then I do stupid things like kiss strangers because I think they like me when they’ve taken my number. Cut to me constantly checking my cellphone reception and hanging up on other people so I don’t put your call on hold.

*If we went out and then it’s not working or you’re not feeling or you’ve found out something weird about me (like how much of a control freak I am or the fact that I have The Little Mermaid on DVD) and you want out; just tell me. Please don’t just stop calling me, tell me. There’s nothing worse than having to resort to Facebook Stalking or a Missing Person ad. Because if I really like you and think you’ve been kidnapped I will find a way to find you. And I don’t think it’ll be a great story for the kids –which we’ll be having by the way, two boys and a girl ;)

*Let me know upfront if you’re one of those nice guys who do random nice things for people. I know this sounds weird but if I’m not sure if you’re naturally nice and you do something sweet and blush-making I’ll assume you like me. It’s the girlie part of me. And because of that random time you bought me a latte or gave me a hug when I was down, I’ll probably start liking you. And then I’ll start imaging what I’d wear if we went on a date. Then I’ll start wondering if what our wedding colours would be and then if we’re sending the children to a Waldorf school or private and what to do when your mom comes to visit and it’ll all be a big mess. So if you’re genuinely a nice guy who drops off random bars of chocolate in a girl’s drawer include a note stating this will not lead to dating, marriage and adopting cute Asian babies.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Current Loves, Wants and Needs

*This navy drape dress from local online shopping site Diligo which I’m dying to order but they don’t have my size.

*My new grey boots from Bronx Ladies. Loving grey this winter and surprisingly ankle boots turned out to be friend.

*Tina Fey’s new book which I have ordered and waiting for delivery. I have a major girl crush on Ms Fey so cannot wait to read it!

*Being able to drink lattes again. After that awful diet and only black coffee, nothing seemed more wonderful than having a coffee with milk. I realize my latte intake may be a bit too much so am limiting it. But there is nothing more fabulous.

*I’m in the market for a new bed. And as I claim to be all grown up and sophisticated, it’s only right that my bed be the same. I’m currently lusting after a baroque-style headboard but have yet to find one. If you can help, I can pay you back in hugs!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

*Being able to fit into my skinny jeans again.
If you’ve been following my Twitter stream, you’ll know that the Skinny Bitches undertook some drastic measures to lose some weight. Before you get all worried, it wasn’t anything like surgery or an eating disorder. Mostly because you know we have no money for liposuction. We decided we needed a little kick to get us motivated to really start eating healthy. So we decided to do the Royal Danish Hospital diet. If you’ve heard of it, you’ll know it’s pure protein and can make you lose up to 10 kgs. If you don’t know about it, it’ll basically put you off eggs, steak and carrots but at the end of the day you can wear your skinny jeans again. Which is exactly what happened to me. After 13 days of avoiding carbs, resisting all cravings and repeating “skinny bitch in the making” I finally weighed myself and found I was 5 kgs lighter which translates into fitting into my skinny jeans again! Hurrah!

*Cooking Again
After two weeks of bland steak and eggs, I couldn’t wait to start cooking again. And because of Mother’s Day yesterday I had the perfect excuse. I had to make a little something special for my momma (and myself of course) for all the stuff she does for me. So I opted for some butter chicken. I’ve made it before and loved it but this time I decided to go a little bit more extravagant and make a new version. There was also some garlic bread in lieu of naan bread. After dieting nothing tastes as good as home-cooked meal.

*Planning a Holiday
Nothing’s booked yet but there’s been lots of saving and getting bikini ready. Skinny Bitches will be hitting Thailand at the end of the year with some besties. Whoop Whoop!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!
Image from here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poetry's Enchanted Garden

Last week I was invited to a very special event at the Poetry store at the V&A Waterfront. For those who don’t live here, Poetry stores are where the woman I want to be when I grow up shop. So essentially when I have all the means to be sophisticated, wealthy and fabulous, not to mention skinny, this is where you’ll find me.

Inspired by other retail stores around the world, Poetry decided to celebrate Mother’s Day a little different this year. Instead of the usual banners and reminders to get our mom’s the usual gifts of slippers and bath stuff, Poetry went a little more creative by hosting a live window-painting session.

Cape Town artist Megan Hart was selected to transform the store’s window’s into a little enchanted garden, with the V&A store getting that extra bit of va-va-voom from some Cape Town fashion peeps and bloggers. I was lucky enough to be one of the fabulous few to add my name to the stores windows.

After we’d had our fill of sushi and champers, we were even presented with a little gift from Poetry for our moms. Although if I’m honest it has and probably will remain in my care :)

If you’re in the vicinity, make sure you pop to the store and see the painting, it’s tres amazing.

Here are some other bloggers who also got to make their mark:

Nicole from Vintage Lifestyle Mag (can you see her in the background?)

Jean from Social Jeanius - a Style Scoop buddy of mine.