Friday, November 29, 2013

Out and About in Town

The great thing about Cape Town...there's always a new place to discover. There's always a new festive event and there's always new experiences at old favourites.

Over the past couple of weeks we've been out and about in town discovering new coffee shops, visiting markets and finding the perfect way to end a night.

In a mini version of our Coffee Club, we tried out the new Yours Truly in Kloof Street. We visited the one in Long ages ago and it still boasts the best cup of coffee I've ever had. This branch is attached to a very hip hostel which explains all the good looking boys with accents. The location (Kloof Street aka the street of cool) explains why it's always full.


 In the day it's the place to get your caffeine and sandwich on while at night, it's bustling with cute boys in skinny jeans and lots of girls with fringes in tights and their gran's jumpers. Not that I am knocking it. It was awesome and looks like a fun place to spend an evening. If we can ever get a table. If you're keen, make sure you get there early. It's never not busy.
I was so miserable this day. I had a cold sore and thought no one would ever love me.

House and Leisure had their Night Market at Wembly Square recently. Despite the wind howling outside, the place was packed. Sadly it was more of a food market (not that I am complaining, it's the way markets should be for me) than design and homeware but it was still good. We walked around, bought some treats including an amazing ceramic brooch and had some of the best Dim Sum ever. It was so good there wasn't time to take pictures.



My new brooch of awesomeness.
To celebrate a bestie's birthday we visited The Tap Room in Salt River. Like Woodstock it's becoming the place to be. This little bar/restaurant/lounge is kinda hidden but once you find it you'll be glad. It's home to the Devil's Peak Brewing company so there is some great craft beer on hand. I tried two and one left me a little underwhelmed but the other was quite tasty. Please just don't ask me for names, i notice words like caramel, richness and smooth when ordering drinks.

They also serve some other liquors and food. The food deserves a mention. We weren't going to eat but after watching tray after tray of food porn pass us by we couldn't resist. Their pulled pork sandwich can change lives, it's that good.

Power and The Glory is my favourite place for a G&T and a hot dog. But sometimes you're not in the mood to drink. I am always in the mood to eat though. But those are personal issues I am working on. So when the summer night doesn't call for gin, it calls for iced coffees. And cookies! Chilled, relaxed, awesome.


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!