Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Bleh

I have absolutely no desire to do anything except check out my Facebook and eat cupcakes. Which means my blogging material is running low.

I blame the weekend. Actually make that the kick ass weekend. It was so much fun and that has been a big problem. You see last week was hectic work-wise. So all I could do was think about the weekend. Then it arrived and went in a blur of awesomeness. I want another one.

We started off the weekend by dressing like ladies and meeting the gang at Planet Bar. When I'm a proper grown up I am so totally going to spend a month's salary on a room at the Mount Nelson. On Saturday we went for spa treatments, which was more pain than pampering but any lady knows those waxes need to be done. Then it was time for some shopping. Saturday ended with a visit from the gays and dancing at Assembly (which is where all the hot guys have been hiding, why did no one tell me this). On Sunday, we all had brekkie and the mandatory visit to the parental units (more for the free lunch and "shopping" in the pantry). The evening was dedicated to cupcakes and Sex & The City.

Now I'm back at work and only the thought of the upcoming holiday is keeping me going. Wait that's actually a lie. There is one other thing. I was walking in Gardens Centre when suddenly I stopped at the fragrance shop. There in the window was a poster for what is now my new favourite obsession.

Henry Cavill for Dunhill. O.M.F.G I may need a napkin.

(If you want to feel happy all over, you can watch the advert for the fragrance as well here. Enjoy!)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!