Monday, October 22, 2012

Lay It On Me

Every now and again there is a call to get out of bed way earlier than expected, look decent and go somewhere. As someone who values their sleep I normally ignore this call and only stumble out of bed a few minutes before work starts looking like one of the witches in Stardust before the youth elixir takes effect.

Last week however there was a call to stop hitting the snooze button and get my gladrags on. I was invited to the Layer’d event by Press Room.

Layer’d is a fabulous boutique store in Green Point that showcases international fashion. Now normally you’d expect a shop like this to be similar to the one in Pretty Woman. You know, great clothes but scary Dementor-like saleswomen who make you feel like you don’t deserve to be in the store. 

Layer’d is nothing like this. The entire shopping experience is warm and welcoming from the simplistic yet stylish interior to the friendly staff to the flattering mirrors; you feel like you’re going over to a bestie’s house to borrow her clothes instead of being scrutinized by a part-time matriculant shop assistant who cannot abide happiness.

And I’ve not even mentioned the clothes! The biggest draw for me was Sea Folly aka the church of swimwear. Look at the full wall below. I was in swimming costume heaven. So many colours and styles, it was hard not to get a bit klepto and try and shove some into my bag. Other fabulous brands include Boo Radley (which boasts miracle jeans that can make you look a size smaller – please sign me up!), Metalicus – great for flattering wardrobe basics, Capital M and Hammock & Vine.

Two labels which are exclusive to Layer’d are Wish and Sambag. Wish has some ah-mazing dresses which I was dying to try on but my credit card was like “You still have groceries to buy. You’ll look good but have no food”. Sambag another Australian label that focuses on among other things stylish, contempory handbags and shoes. You see that tan bag up there, that’s holding a place on my Christmas List.

If you find yourself in Greenpoint, make sure you pop into Layer’d, it’s right next to the Vida in Somerset Road. So get yourself a latte and browse. You won’t leave empty-handed. If you’re in the ‘burbs, they’ve also opened a store in Cavendish. And if you can’t get to any of those, there’s whisperings of an online store opening soon. 

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!