Monday, September 6, 2010

Things I Heart...

I’ve always wondered what my favourite food is and then I stop. I don’t like to play favourites and being a Fat Kid inside means I love all food equally. One of my top five dishes however has to be nachos. No matter what, I am always in the mood for some nachos. There is the moment when the tortilla chip meets the cheese and salsa and then they bump into sour cream and guacamole and just when you think the party is complete the chicken pieces gate crash. That moment is known as perfection. In my opinion, the best nachos in Cape Town can be found at Neighbourhood, Buena Vista and Beefcakes.

Hipster Hipter. Think the name says it all.

Ugly Betty. I never stopped loving this show. But when I left mommy and daddy’s place to live in the real world i.e. my own flat I had to give up a lot of things. Satellite TV was just not conducive to my grownup budget so I’ve missed a lot of this show. Luckily thanks to some connections I’m watching again and don’t ever want to stop. I’m just about to start the final season and I am already getting saddened by the fact I won’t have Marc and Amanda in my life. Think they’re the main reason I watch the show.

My family. Even though they are crazy, loud and drink too much. If you had to compare us to anyone it’ll be the Walkers from Brothers and Sisters. Seriously, there’s drama, wine, family dinners where someone gets offended and adorable grandkids. The majority of the time they drive me crazy but once we start with the wine, everything calms down.

Bradley Cooper. Not that this one needs an explanation either. We recently watched the A-Team and my love for Mr Cooper has just been magnified. Wowza! He is definitely on my Lust Have list!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday's Mantra

This week I hope work pays my expense claim.
I believe everyone should watch Mean Girls at least once in their lifetime.
I’m addicted to Adelita's Way.
I wish thinking about the gym counts as going to the gym.
It’s sucky that it's the beginning of the month and I'm broke.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the Week Like it or Not: This is Who I Am

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