Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Week I...

...went to Kalk Bay.

A little disclaimer before I start this post. I am the youngest of four children and there are big gaps between us siblings. So while I know my parents love me, there are many things they’ve done and seen before I was born. Therefore by the time I came along, there wasn’t much need to do these things again. For example road trips to exotic places were not high on the list of things to do on a Sunday.

So when I announced to my besties that I think a trip to Kalk Bay was in order, a chorus of “You’ve never been to Kalk Bay” erupted. Yes it’s true, please refer back to the above disclaimer.

This Sunday armed with a whole bunch of cool people, we headed to the vibrant fishing village for some brunch and browsing. After a delish meal and milkshake at The Home of Waffles and Pancakes, we took a stroll through the town.

If unlike me, no one has told you about this gem of a town, I suggest you make your way there. It’s a fabulous mix of restaurants, deli’s, antique shops, vintage shops, d├ęcor/furniture stores and art galleries.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!