Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Holiday

This year I had one of those amazing holidays that I never wanted to end. Now I realise that sounds a bit silly. Who would ever want a holiday to end. But sometimes, mostly when I was studying I would get a bit reckless when I had so many days free. This year I only had two weeks so I decided I'd make the most of it. And what better place to spend it than Cape Town.

What I did:

*I finished my xmas shopping in record time.

*I walked to most places in town, burning off calories and saving petrol.

*I watched Avatar and although the graphics were amazing I thought the plot and script were eh.

*I went to the beach on an overcast day and burnt.

*I along with Blue Eyes hosted our first ever Christmas party, aptly titled Christmas Ho Ho Hos and Bros.

*I went to the gym and had the best workouts because I didn't have to rush.

*I found out where all the cheap breakfast spots are. Carmellos in Kloof street have a great special on btw.

*I watched 2012 and cheered along with the rest of the cinema when Cape Town was the place they all sought refuge.

*I went to the beach on a scorching day and got a nice tan.

*We had the most amazing burgers at Royale.

*I tried to master my new curling iron. It's not going too well. Half my hair has these amazing waves while the rest look like little girl curls.

*I had one of the best cosmopolitans at FTV. But I really do not like the remodelling.

*I saw The Rebound and have found myself in love with Justin Bartha.

*I watched the sunset at Signal Hill.

*I counted in New Years with my gays.

*I ate way too much carbs.

*I went to the aquarium and saw how slow the sharks swim. I could totally outswim them.

Hope everyone else had a faboosh holiday.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

This Year...

Third day back at work and am still crying out for my bed or to be at the beach.

Luckily work has not been too strenuous, in fact it’s pretty slow. This is normally a good thing, especially if I’ve come to work hung-over or feel like having a lazy day. I’m a bit sleepy today so the lack of deadlines is a great friend.

In order to stay awake and look productive in case any of the bosses stroll past my computer, I decided to make a list of things I should be doing this year. I don’t want to call them resolutions because I’m pretty crap with discipline and labeling them so will automatically give me the green light to forgo them. So instead I’m just trying to accomplish some stuff.

This year:

*I want to go to the gym four times a week.

*I want to watch what I eat (not in the “look how pretty the food is looking” way but seriously stop eating so much crap).

*I want to think before saying no to any requests. I don’t want to look back and regret things because I was not feeling up to it or I thought I couldn’t do it.

*I want to make small changes like switching from coke to coke light, to saying please and thank you more often, buying the Big Issue and to drink more water.

*I will not let grownup mean girls make me feel inferior. If you have a problem with the way I dress, act or the fact I’m getting more attention than you, then deal with it. That’s why it’s called your problem.

*I’m going to start saving money properly.

*I’m going to stay positive. No one likes a grumpy gills.

That’s just a bunch of things I want to try and do. I have more but am so afraid it’ll be too much too soon and then I’ll give up and you’ll find me eating bag after bag of chips with full-fat coke and no money.

Anything special you guys wanna do this year?

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!