Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Singleton Awareness Day

A little while back, Skinny Bitches were invited to attend the Singleton Awareness Day at the Pepper Club.

Now I’ll admit I do not always wait patiently for love to arrive, there have been many times when I’ve cried into my frozen yoghurt whilst a Katherine Heigel chick flick played screaming “Why doesn’t anyone love me”. But these times are few and far between and mostly I spend my time enjoying the single life.

So when the absolutely fabulous Cosmic Girl decided to dedicate a date to honouring singles after all that hoohah of Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t resist.

The evening started with some delish appletinis made with Singleton whiskey and snacks.

Then we were lucky enough to have our make-up done by the lovely ladies of Benefit. After topping up on another drink and popcorn, we were all ushered into the cinema to watch the ultimate chick flick Bridget Jones Diary.

Halfway through the movie, we were spoiled with even more wine and snacks. But the best part had to be the charity auction, you know for the kids ;) Two outrageously good-looking bachelors offering a luxury meal and ride in a Rolls Royce were auctioned off with one Skinny Bitch doing her bit for the kids and winning that amazing prize.

Thanks so much to the Pepper Club for hosting us and for a fabulous evening.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!