Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glitz and Glam

Here's a confession about me. Well, not so much a confession since people normally find this out about me withing the first 5 minutes of being around me. I am not elegant. I am not fancy and I do not do well in these situations.

So you can imagine my horror when I'm expected to behave in such manners. I was invited to the re-opening of St Yves nightclub in Camps Bay. I have been there before and have found it to be a beautiful location, full of gorgeous people and enough white furniture for me to mess all over.

As I'm much more accustomed to bars that play 80s songs and have glass on the floor, I had to pull out the big guns for this event. I got my nails did, bought a sexy pencil skirt and changed the setting on my camera to black and white. As we all know, black and white = classy.

Here is what went down...

Aforementioned pencil skirt, glitter nails and my boob about to pop out.

Sue enjoying the view. You can't tell but it was nipples cold out there.
Sky Vodka ice sculpture and shot thingy.
Me after my first shot.

More proof why I should be allowed out.

This was taken right before a waitress told us to clear our table. For reals.
During the fashion show. Love this pic because it reminds me of the white walkers from Game of Thrones.
See above caption.
We saw a lot of girls posing like this. It seemed only right to do the same.

With my other girls Jazz and Leigh.

Thanks to Leozette from Red Concepts for the invite and more importantly the good times and free champers ;)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!