Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Week I...

...tried karaoke.

This new thing has been a long time coming. Firstly I love to sing and dance. The only problem is I'm not very good at it. The singing part, on the dancing front, I am a genius ;)

I think my fear of singing in front of people started when I played SingStar and the stupid avatar told me I was tone deaf. Therefore it was more out of consideration for others that I didn't sing out loud rather than I was afraid.

This year for Blue Eyes' birthday she decided to do some karaoke. It was the perfect time to try singing in public. So aimed with some of my best friends, a whole lot of pre-drinks and a rested voice we ventured out to find a karaoke bar.

The problem with finding a good (read classy) karaoke bar that's available on a specific night is tricky. So if you're willing to forgo a few things and get drunk, any bar becomes a good one.

The night started off with Blue Eyes' rendition of Kiss by Prince. Myself and my brother were next. I thought working with someone would diminish the shame and pain of peoples ears bleeding. After a roaring version of Thong Song though, I was a karaoke addict.

Other great highlights included my solo of We Belong by Pat Benetar, a crowd pleaser of Gay Bar with Samma Designs, friends doing a Rammestein song that was not in english and the Glee fans singing Don't Stop Believin'.

It was a fabulous night followed by some serious headaches the next morning.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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