Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introduction to who us Skinny Bitches are!

So as we’ve just joined the cool club of bloggers, we thought we should introduce ourselves. Explain exactly why is it we’re not skinny, still living at home and are permanently broke, so here it goes:

Me, being Blue Eyes (for obvious reasons), am far from being skinny. Please see post about chocolate to understand why. But to be honest I still think I’d choose chocolate over being skinny, at least I will be happy and not hungry. My friend Green Eyes, she’s not skinny too, but she has awesome curves, fashion sense and killer boobs to make it work, I wish you could see her run across a street, it’s like something out of Sex and the City. Either way, I think we’re both pretty happier although Green Eyes is currently best buddies with a dietician and she’s gone all healthy on me (But I will get revenge, I know chocolate it her weakness…mwah ha ha).

Another sore topic is the fact that we’re both still living at home. It’s not that we hate being at home, it’s just that you can’t exactly be FABULOUS will you’re still being told to make your bed or clean up after yourself. I doubt whether Queens have that problem to deal with on a daily basis. We have this dream (which we hope will soon be a reality) to move into the Cape Town CBD . In our fabulous new home, we will have a pink kitchen, blue bathroom, purple/red & black sitting room and sexy, cute neighbours who dine with us on regular occasion. If you think we’re joking, well then you obviously haven’t seen us shopping up a storm at Canal Walk and spending hours talking over colour choices at Seattle. And if you’re wondering, YES! Pink, blue, purple/red & black will work together.

So this brings me to the next sore point; CASH FLOW. Maybe this is a problem because we’re spendaholics, or because we like to eat out or maybe it’s just a direct reflexion of the fact that we’re newbies within the big wide working world. Me, personally, going with the last excuse. Green Eyes has been working for the last year and a bit for an online marketing agency where she has turned their world fashionably upside side. As if you haven’t guessed, she’d like (or should I say love) to be a fashion journalist or writer for a magazine and I’m proud to say she’s working on it…so watch this space. Me, I recently started working within the advertising world and am not complaining. Great people, great environment and a good stepping stone. Ultimately I want to be in marketing as a Brand manager… ideally for Lindt Chocolate.

Well, that’s a brief introduction to us Skinny Bitches (in the Making), there’s lot more to tell and give away…but that will all come later. We hope you love our blog as much as we do. We get the biggest kick out of hanging around each other and dreaming our lives away and we hope you will too.
Happy reading…