Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo Recap

It’s been forever since I actually blogged. Definitely not enjoying all this work, especially ‘cause it keeps me from the blogs and twitter. I’ve definitely missed reading your blogs and commenting.

Since I still have work piling up, I don’t really have time for a long post. What I can do is recap the past week. It’s been pretty amazing and what better way to do so than with the help of pictures.


And have a lovely Wednesday!


Kelly Clarkson

As already mentioned the concert was pretty awesome. If you were a girl and showed up with a guy, he’d have either been gay, closeted or whipped. We choose our gays.

Here are some pics from Kelly. They’re not really good quality mostly ‘cause we were dancing and singing along too much but you can kinda make out it’s her.

St Patrick’s Day

Considering one half of Skinny Bitches is part Irish, we had to celebrate. So after the concert we headed to The Dubliner to celebrate. Single ladies, there have never been this many good looking guys in one room before. Wow! We didn’t know where to look. The place was packed though and as it was a school night we left after 1. Not sure how but I made it to gym the next morning. After that I was pretty fragile.

The Vibe Party

Thanks to our awesome friends The Wedding DJs, we were on the guest list for the 2oceansvibe party in Camps Bay. It was pretty awesome. Here’s Seth doing some Celine Dion. Blue Eyes was in heaven. I was in a not-as-happy place 

Here’s the boys doing their thing.

Skinny Bitches with some angel wings.

Here’s us with one half of the Wedding DJs.

Africhic Package

I was invited to the launch a while ago. It was lovely and I love the idea of buying clothes online. I decided to make my first purchase last week and I choose this dress by Michelle Ludek:

Yesterday it arrived. Am loving the packaging.

As soon as I have somewhere amazing to wear it too, I’ll take some pictures.
If you can, visit the site here. They have free delivery in SA and great service.

SA Flag Mirror Caps

I’ve seen these around on Minis everywhere and always wanted a pair. Then I found out, you didn’t need a Mini or had to pay for them. It’s a great (and free) initiative. Mini SA helped me out via Twitter and this morning I went to collect my pair. I ♥ them!