Wednesday, March 25, 2009

um, Green Eyes, I think you're forgetting one small detail to that list of ours........


You know, that brown silky smooth, luxurious tasting, endorphin releasing, I'd kill my own boyfriend for substance... No! (please leave this site now and never come back) I'm just slightly insulted right now that you would forget...but of course chocolate would be on the list. I live chocolate, I breathe chocolate, heck, I'd even date it if I could. Not to mention all the things you can do with now, I meant things like making cake and hot all have dirty minds....(actually so do I) and gosh darnit, there goes my train of thought (Me&Edward ruling the world, Me Queen, him my chocolate serving slave....)
So YES Chocolate is def on that list and copius amount of it too!!!!!

Bitches Wish List Introduction

Welcome to the Bitches Wish List.

As we continue on our quest to be the perfect women with the perfect hair and jobs, we’ve come across things we want and things we desperately want. These are our wish list items…sure they will include things like complete happiness, travelling the world and winning a Nobel Prize. You know, the boring, clich├ęd bits. More importantly they’ll include the places we want to be, the boys we wanna kiss and the shoes we wanna own.

And so begins our list of things we want and desperately need!

An obvious starter but something every girl wants at one point in our lives.

Bitches Wish List # 1 – Queen of the World

Imagine how cool this job must be. Not only are you revered for being fabulous, you get to wear a tiara. It is one of my life’s ambitions to find a job where I can wear a tiara every day. I’ve tried it at my current company but all it attracts are stares and awkward smiles. Also you start to wonder why no one in the office is talking to you anymore. They think your crazy will rub off on them. Heads up, it’s not infectious!

Apart from the best reason to be queen of the world, you get to travel. Because the entire world is your domain. Feel like skiing (with a helmet – it’s dangerous) in the Alps, you can. Feel like sunning yourself on a yacht in Capri, you can! Shopping in Manhattan, you can! No need for silly visas and bad passport pictures. You just flash a smile and bounce!

I also like the idea of being waited on hand and foot. Sure, there are some stuff I’ll still do myself. Depending on how lazy I feel that day. But imagine, ring a bell and you get a Cosmopolitan. Two rings and they bring you some Ferro Rocher on a sliver plate. Three rings and they bring you a double cheeseburger with fries and a coke. No calories of course. As queen of the world, I’ve set the earth’s brainiest boffins to work on much more important things than another fuel option.

My foreign policy is a bit hazy but I will get back to that.

In essence, if I was queen of the world:

I would live here

I would date him

And I would wear these

I heart my job!

Ex-oh! Ex-oh!

new york.jpg