Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Random Things About Me

Skinny Bitches were tagged by the lovely Being Brazen to do this post. Because I am very random, I have lots of random things to write about (myself).

At one point in my life, I want to be single, have an amazing job, an amazing house and not give a damn about anyone else’s happiness but my own.

Sometimes an episode of Sex & The City solves everything.

I get more scared when I go for my brow waxing than I do when I go for my lady waxing.

I cry every time I watch Armageddon without fail.

Whenever I see a movie with Scarlett Johannson I get really mad for some reason. She really bugs me.

I’m not a huge fan of children, I can only handle two at a time but I have my children’s names picked out. I’d have a boy and a girl and call them Connor and Boleyn.

I hate hearing magazine people tell me working in the industry is nothing like The Devil Wears Prada. As if I’m only in it for the glamour. Secretly I hope there is still a bit of glamour though.

Thanks to my gay bestie, I know the dance routines to most of Britney Spears songs. I do a mean Oops! I Did It Again.

I really want to plan a wedding. Even if it's not my own.

One of my biggest weaknesses is time wastage. I'm always late and I can waste hours doing nothing important, like for instance, worrying over my split ends or which one of my calves is bigger.

Ex-Oh! EX-Oh!