Friday, September 17, 2010

End of the Week Notes

*My new favourite show is Modern Family. It’s the perfect fill-in while I wait for the new seasons of 30 Rock and Glee. My favourite characters are Cam and Manny.

*Starting the day with a bacon and cheese crossiant from Jardine Bakery is awesome. My brother and I headed over for an early breakfast. They also serve Deluxe coffee which I love so it was a double score.

*It’s Blue Eyes’ birthday today. Happy Birthday to an awesome roomie and friend!

*This picture from The Sartorialist makes me want to buy lots of dresses and count down the days to summer.

*Peanut butter on toast is the bomb diggidy and my new favourite snack.

*Have found the motivation for gym. Stop going for four months and discover that you’ve gone from an hourglass figure to a blob. Then look at yourself in the mirror. Result? I’ve been to gym all week.

*Alphabeat is the happiest music you’ll ever hear. It’s even happier than ABBA.

Have a fabulous weekend bitches!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!