Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Week I...

…baked strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

In my ongoing quest to do one thing new every week I took to baking.

Now when it comes to cupcakes I’m a firm believer that you don’t make your own especially when there are places like Charley’s Bakery and Lazari. I feel the same way about cheesecake, mostly because I can depend on my mom, brother or fabulous roommate to make some for me.

But when looking through the Hummingbird recipe book, I spotted strawberry cheesecake cupcakes and thought something had to be down. The first thing to be down was to get down on my knees to thank whomever had come up with the recipe. The second thing was to get baking.

Excuse the quality of the pictures, I used my BB.

This what they were meant to look like:

These are my ingredients:

Filling up with strawberries:

Getting ready to go into the oven:

Fresh out of the oven. The smell was incredible:

Iced and ready to be attacked:

Happiness is:

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The PostSecret I Hope To Aspire To

Whenever I come across a Postsecret like this I cannot stop smiling.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday's Mantra

This week holds some new experiences.
I believe my ear is going to burst.
I’m addicted to Snickers, The Beatles’ All My Loving and Liz Lemon.
I wish I didn’t feel this way about my job.
It’s sucky to fear rejection so much.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the Week Fight, Fight, Fight!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Week I...

...tried the Fireman’s Arms Pub Quiz.

In my bid to try new things and have no regrets, I vow to do something new once a week.

Last week I went to the Fireman’s Arms for their pub quiz. Technically I have been to a pub quiz before but this time I went to a new location with a new team. So definitely something new.

The experience was awesome.

When we first arrived at what is a Cape Town bar landmark there was a moment of hesitation. The first thing I saw was gambling machines being played by what I can only assume were the bar’s first patrons from way back in 1864. They were still there when we left. Definitely part of the furniture. Personal opinion, gambling machines in bars totally freak me out.

After that though, the evening was fabulous. We enjoyed some delicious pizza, saw a real fireman, chatted with the best of my besties and our team managed a respective 13 out of 22 teams for the pub quiz.

New experience and great memories: check!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something Old, Something New

If I had to describe myself (to a potential mate, a prospective boss or just to anyone who’d be willing to listen) I’d use the word ambitious. I have lots of dreams and I have faith I will achieve them. While I’m working hard to achieve my dreams, a lot of other stuff gets pushed back to the metaphorical closet.

I was the queen of “Ooh I must do this.” Or “As soon as I can afford it I’ll do that.” Or “Please remind me to finally get ‘round to it.”

Then last month I got sick of putting things off and decided to just do them. I don’t want to get all morbid but when this life is over, I want to look back and say, no regrets.

In order not to get bored or give up, I’ve decided that once a week I’ll do something new. There are no limits or rules on this “something new” so it gives me a chance to get round to some exciting stuff and some not so exciting stuff.

I started this last week so the next post will be about my first new thing I’ve done. I have yet to do something new this week so if there are any suggestions please let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's Mantra

Dreaming of Summer

This week
I need to de-clutter my life.
I believe in the healing powers of hot chocolate.
I’m addicted to sleeping; just can’t get enough.
I wish it was summer.
It’s sucky when you have less than R100 in your bank acount.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the Week You gotta have faith faith faith!

Image from here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm The Type of Girl...

…that thinks people have just got the title wrong when discussing the film “Sunshine”. In my head they’re talking about “Little Miss Sunshine”. It makes for very confusing movie reviews.

…when spelling things on the phone, says “A for ABBA”.

…that loves it when purchases are wrapped in tissue paper.

…that judges people over the age of 25 saying “My bad”.

…who will never walk under a ladder.

…that gets a thrill out of wearing red shoes.

…that makes wishes at 11:11.

…that will obsess over any nice gesture a guy does for or towards me. Mixed messages are the reason I am crazy.

…that believes in the Loch Ness monster.

…who gets goosebumps when someone cracks their knuckles.

…who counts going into the gym to pay your monthly fees counts as cardio.

…that believes most problems can be solved with a latte.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Going To Be Madge-ical!

"I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art."

Happy Birthday to Madonna!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday's Mantra

This week is about achieving dreams.
I believe in angels. They're called baristas and make you lattes.
I’m addicted to red velvet cupcakes.
I wish money was never a concern.
It's sucky that I have to pay another speeding ticket.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Image from here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ultimate Dream Job...

Over the years my dream job as varied from Princess to Catwalk model (I came down from that cloud really fast) to Amazing Race winner to Tina Fey's best friend.

More realistically I've always wanted to write about things I love. Blogging definitely indulges, er allows me to write about things I love. Unfortunately the lack of remuneration does not make it a job per se.

Until now...Bronx Ladies Footwear has announced a faboosh competition where you could win a year of shoes for blogging.

They're searching for the ultimate female blogger who embodies the core values of the brand, namely fun, sassy and a lover of affordable fashion. Um, yes please.

The chosen one will have to blog three weekly entries for the brand covering a range of topics. And in return, a year's supply of free shoes.

If you'd like to enter, and you'd be crazy not to, head on over here for all the deets.

Good luck!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered our competition. Unfortunately there could only be one winner. Based on a random number generator thingy, the winner is:

Juz from Juztick


Please drop us a mail at skinnybsinthemaking@gmail.com so we can arrange the deets.

For all those who didn't win, have hope. There will be another Urban Spa sponsored competition happening shortly. It won't be as fabulous but who doesn't love a free massage.

Ex-Oh Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank You Bitches!

A huge thank you to everyone we entered our competition.

Things have been a bit hectic on our side but we'll be drawing the winner tonight and then announce it tomorrow.

Good luck!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Do You Measure A Year

This past weekend we watched the movie version of the musical Rent. I don't like to mention names - Blue Eyes - but not everyone enjoyed it. I on the other loved it. While it's not happy like Hairspray or Mamma Mia! or romantic like The Phantom of the Opera, it's still a great musical. I suppose the subject material of AIDS, violence and drugs does not help matters.

While it is about those things, it also poses a very important question: How do You Measure a Year?

I'm paraphrasing from the song here but basically are you the type of person that measures your life in:

- minutes (
525 600 to be exact)
- daylights
- sunsets
- midnights
- cups of coffee
- inches
- miles
- laughter
- strife
- truths learned
- times cried
- bridges burned

In the end, they offer up love as a measurement of a year. The song is called Seasons of Love after all.

While I'd love to measure a year in love, I'm afraid it won't be a very long calculation. I have to wait for Bradley Cooper to wake up and realise that he loves me first :)

But from now on, I think the measurement of a year shouldn't be how many hours you spent a job you didn't like, or how many times you looked at your phone wishing he'd call or even all those moments spent cursing in traffic.

From now on, I'm measuring a year in how many good coffee dates I've had with Blue Eyes, the nights I danced with my gays to Glee, the laughs I've had with my brothers and sisters, and the times when I realised how lucky I am.

How do you measure a year?

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Ps. If you wanna hear the song, click here.

Image from here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Mantra

This week sees the start of a new fitness regime.
I believe all that early morning fresh air is making me sleepy.
I’m addicted to mini chocolate brownies, bright nail polish and the Glee soundtrack.
I wish I hadn’t walked in to a road works sign (in front of a cute guy by the way).
It’s sucky being a girl sometimes.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the Week Keep on Movin’

Image from here.