Friday, May 24, 2013

Things I Need In My Life Right Now

Are you there Trust Fund, it’s me, Allie. I desperately need you to make an appearance in my life. I need a couple of things in my life and as you can guess I am a little broke. Do your thang and please materialise, girl needs some new shoes.

This Knit Sweater

This is two-fold. 1. It’s a great song by The Doors. 2. It will save me a lot of time following boys around in clubs. Instead next time I see a hot guy, I can point and shirt and then whoop! There it is! True love.

These Boots

I realise this is an obscene amount of glitter. But seriously when is too much glitter EVER a problem. We all need some extra sparkle in our lives. By having and wearing these shoes, I am bringing joy to other people. And how can you hate on that.

Tutu Dress

I credit Sophia Grace and Rosie for bringing back the tutu dress But I found this amazing dress over on Superficial Girls. I need to know why we are not wearing these dresses more. Nipped in waist, great boobage and tulle skirts suit everyone. Every girl should have a grownup tutu dress.

Henry Cavil

Okay, no trust fund can buy him for me. *But* it can gift me with the ability to pay an underground syndicate to kidnap him and transport him to my private island where his Stockholm Syndrome will allow him to lavish attention and kisses on me daily.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jurassic Park in 3D


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Test Kitchen

Sometimes there are not enough words to explain an experience. So I turn to gifs. For food pictures keep scrolling.

This was me, trying to play it cool when I made a dinner reservation at The Test Kitchen. Back in March. That’s right. Two months ago.

Then every day since then when I started to think about it.

On the day.

When the dishes got served.

After every first bite.

When a friend wanted more than one taste.

When I had dessert order envy.

When I realised it was the last course.

Any other restaurant experience from now on. 

Now for the actual food:

Grilled scallop, asparagus, tofu miso suke, braised scallop dressing, miso on toast,
braised shitake, raw shitake

Lightly smoked beef fillet, gorgonzola catalan, fresh pear, candied pecan nut,
grated nutmeg, miso cured egg yolk

Banana pancake and mango cannoli,
passion fruit ice, lemon grass infused tapioca

Caramelised poached pear, beurre noissette ice cream, brioche

Duck breast in two ways (“Slow & Fast”), Luke’s truffle and foie gras egg with assorted onions


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

My Life In Gifs Part Quatre

Me after the Justin Bieber concert

My relationship with food

When people use hashtags on Facebook

When someone doesn’t get my Mean Girls reference

My attitude towards gym 


When someone said I look like J Law

Images from here, here and here.