Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Life in Gifs Part Deux

The reason I’ve been so busy is work. This is how I feel daily 


 *a freakin' gladiator in a suit*

This is probably why I do this all the time 

And because of that I look like this 

Which is just one of the reasons my love life is like this 

Another reason is this  

Which means sometimes I’m like this 

But then I do this  

And then everything seems right in the world 

Will be back to regular blogging soon.
Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your...

So New Girl. Like woah! If you’ve caught up with season two you know what I’m talking about. If not, you need to do your thang and get on it.

So there are one or two spoilers here and for that I’m sorry but what a kiss right?! I think every girl (and guy) wants to be part of something so passionate, exciting, soft and still unbelievably sexy. If anyone knows if I can sign up for something like that or if guys are looking to practise those type of skills, all I can say is…

In honour of *that* kiss, here are my (other)  fantasy kisses from TV and movies.

Bridget and Mark Darcy

There’s this moment when you’re with someone new and you’re eagerly awaiting the first kiss. Whether it’s a dinner date, dancing in a nightclub (not that I have any experience with that :p), in the back row at the movies or sitting in the car delaying goodbyes. In this moment, both of you know what’s about to happen and all of a sudden there are tongues and hands everywhere. It’s a great moment. In Bridget Jones’ Diary, this moment keeps getting delayed because Bridge like other girls wants this moment to be absolutely perfect. Also when you’re single and a catch like Mark Darcy comes along you seal the deal with the seksi knickers. 

As we all know, we think she has blown it when he picks up her diary and reads what she previously thought of him. Up next comes a run through the snow and a meeting where he becomes even more adorable than previously. And then they go in for the kill. This is one of those kisses made up of little bits of deliciousness. When Bridge is all like nice guys don’t kiss like that, he’s all like “Oh yes, they fucking do.”

Ross and Rachel

Do you remember how long we waited for this to happen. Gawd damn, this took forever. And when it happened it was so worth it. The first kiss was very good, it was raining, they were alone in the dark, it was tense and hot. The kiss I am actually referring to is their second kiss. After Ross messes up the situation, they become estranged and nothing happens forever.
Then after trying to convince her that they belong together – they are each other’s lobster after all – she still doesn’t budge. What it takes is a trip down memory lane where a young Ross as a modern day knight in a shiny suit comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress. Obviously Rachel had no idea this was going down and Ross didn’t really have the opportunity to “save” her. But the intention was there. And then it was all about that slow, sultry, wordless walk Rachel did to reach Ross. And then, fireworks.

Tim and Dawn

When a TV show starts and we get two characters who are obviously meant for each other we cannot help but wonder when is it going to happen. We never ask ourselves, should it happen. A lot of shows tend to jump the shark when putting together our favourite characters and as a result the show can get a bit lame. It’s almost like the “will they, won’t they” is more exciting than their actual relationships. 

One show which made it seem like they were NEVER getting together was The Office. The British one for the TV connoisseurs out there. They did two seasons and it looked like there was never going to be a happily ever for Tim and Dawn. And then the Christmas special happened. Like every festive season-themed, things got good. They had that same old chemistry. They laughed. They were perfect together. Until it looked like nothing was going to happen. Again. Then thanks to the most appropriate secret santa gift, Dawn saw that it was and always would be about Tim. Set to the backdrop of Yazoo’s Only You this scene makes me all teary and questions if anyone is cutting onions.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

Images via here, here and here.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Oumeul Bakkery

Whenever we have Coffee Club we always have a good time. And it seems that that's evident to other peeps too. We've got some new members!

Our first outing of 2013 was to Oumeul Bakkery. This little bakery is the sister to the original Oumeul in Riviersonderend, which I'm told is somewhere on the N2. I cannot say I've been myself. Apparently they must have a massive following as their "tagline" is all about their famous pies.

As it was breakfast time we settled for our usual round of lattes and some more appropriate breakfast treats. Although I don't really see anything wrong with eating pies for breakfast ;)

Apart from the pies, there is a small but good breakfast menu. For lunch there are a range of salads and sandwiches which all sound devine. And then of course there are the pies. I spotted a board with the usual chicken, steak and all that. But there are some divine-sounding ones I *need* to try like venison and bobotie. Luckily it's around the corner from my new office so I foresee many lunch-time trips.

As it's so close I may have already sampled one or two of their pastries. They sell mini tartlets, milktarts, pasties and cakes. I happen to know that the pecan pie can change lives.

And then if you're keen to pick up some home made produce, there is a shelf dedicated to Brenda's products. If you've ever had the balsamic glaze then you understand how amazing these babies are.

Oumeul Bakkery is open Monday to Saturday so you can almost always get your pie fix. Weekdays they start their thang at 06h30 and on Saturday at 07h00.

Oumeul Bakkery
Corner Riebeek and Long Street
Cape Town
021 419 0662

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Future Boyfriend Part Eleven

As we know men and women speak different languages. We say one thing but we mean another. I realise certain men are predisposed to not notice the important things – which are always little and subtle – and who can blame them. Women can be very confusing. We have ideas in our heads which we understand and which other girls understand. And we just assume that you’ll understand them as well. So we say one thing but we can mean something entirely different. And for that we should apologise.

I don’t us to ever have miscommunication issues. And I know although I think I say what I mean, it doesn’t always translate. So here are some examples for you:

When I Say I Like Bearded Men.

 I mean this

Not this

A rugged manly man is something so delish. A well-trimmed beard and some light stubble shows that you’re just the right amount of strong and yet you still are considerate enough not to leave your lady with beard rash. Anything that you can pull is bad. Like ZZ Top-esque and we’re screaming date rapist.

When I Say I Like Nerdy Guys

I mean this

Not this

This is one of those scenerios where we *definitely* say something but mean something else entirely. Instead of nerdy guys I should say I like guys who have watched Game of Thrones, read the Lord of the Rings and wear glasses. Also who are a bit shy and sensitive. I really don’t want to have to go to conventions, play Magic the Gathering and listen to you talk about coding.

When I Say I Eat A Lot

I mean this

Not this

I am not a salad girl. I like a salad. On the side of a big steak and chips. I am not exaggerating when I talk about my food addiction. And yes I will finish everything on my plate. Food is my favourite time of day.

When I Say I Like Romance

I mean this

Not this

I like romantic things. Hell I even love Valentine’s day and I’m single. I think if you can show off your love do it. I just prefer simple things like a moonlit picnic or homemade love coupons or anything homemade actually. Things that you’ve learnt or seen from movies are probably not gonna do it for me. Unless it’s a flashmob singing and dancing along to a cheesy love song. That is something big I can get behind. Please don’t offer to wash my hair, fill a room with too many candles or use massage oil when you have no experience of how slippery and messy it really is.

Got it all? 
Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!