Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No feeling the inner Christmas cheer this year

It's almost 5pm (a normal working person's time to go home, but not mine) and I'm sitting at the office slowly losing all my Christmas cheer. It's one thing to work right up until 24th Dec (12:00) stay tuned as this time may be extended, but to know that you're going to stress of the Christmas holidays about work is the final straw. And I really think I've had enough.

I'm looking around the office and i'm the only one here in the account management department...starting to think I've been dealt the short-hand. Don't mean to go all Grinch-like on the blog, but a change needs to happen, Im not hapy anymore (with work that is).

On a good note, I'm hopig to go home sometime soon and watch a Christmassy movie with Green Eyes in our very Christmassy lounge, maybe pour myself a christmassy sized drink.

If we don't chat again, I hope you are having a better time than I am and catch you after Christmas.

Merry Christmas