Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Not Being A Bitch, I'm Just Honest

Helen from Bonding Over Lizards tagged Skinny Bitches with the Honest Scrap award. We heart awards. Thanks! And definitely go and check out her blog, it’s faboosh and every now and again she posts videos of awesome 90s songs. So here are my 10 honest things:

I’m afraid watching Private Practice has made me broody.

I really don’t like when people try and talk to me in lifts. I can be friendly and charming and funny but I select not to. Mostly I’m afraid I might use up some of my best material on people I’ll never see again.

I think one of the worst things a friend can make you do is join him/her and his/her significant other while they are still in the loved-up stages. Imagine watching a movie with a couple who are making out the entire time. Then imagine trying to talk about the movie afterwards and instead of answers getting giggles and sheepish smiles and them saying “Guess we missed that part.” Oh yes it’s happened.

For every straight guy I know, I know two gay ones. This has me worried.

I absolutely hate the phrase “Good value for your money” and I want to stab myself with a blunt spoon when I hear someone say it.

Nothing makes my heart more sore than saying no to people begging at robots, particularly when they are disabled or children.

The ultimate dealbreaker for me is someone pinching something off my plate without my permission. If you want some, ask, I will give it to you purely because you did not bug me and asked. If I’m having those prawn chips from Woolworths or sour worms you may not be so lucky but you never know.

If I ever had plastic surgery, I’d want to look like Rachel McAdams.

I’ve used the “I’m not a bitch. I’m just being honest” line numerous times and honestly, I was just being a bitch ;)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!