Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coversations you gotta love

Today began as a good day, and then after lunch it all went wrong for me. Nothing major, just feeling a little bleh and headachy, plus I really don't need to be messed about right now. But then something happend that made me laugh. Green Eyes and I were having a regular e-mail conversation that I thought I'd share with you. Hopefully we're not the only one's who have conversations like these.

Prelude: Green Eyes and I decided we are going to watch Fame at the Waterfront tonight and couldn't decide on what to do for supper and so the conversion goes as follows (with a little editing):

GE: What do you want for supper? I just had soup and yoghurt all day. Didn’t feel like fruit. So am hungry and want a fabulous meal…what are you in the mood for?

BE: Ummmmmmm, Me also hungry. Lets make fish with a jacket potato and cheese?
Or do you have any ideas?

GE: I'm cool with that…
Had an idea, but it’s kinda fat kid so will have to save it for next time.
Next time we’re having baked potatoes with bacon bits…mmmmm!

BE: Ooohh no, that sounds good, I like it when u have Fat Kid ideas

GE: Thanks. They are some of my greatest!

Im off home now for my Fat Kid meal and then we're off to watch Fame.
Have a great evening Skinny Bitches