Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Would Like To Meet...

Whether it was Prince Eric or Todd from Sweet Valley High or Dawson or Mr Darcy, I couldn’t help falling in love with fictional characters. They were so much easier to deal with than real life boys. If you wanted to spend time with them, you’d play a DVD or open up a book. This probably explains why I have so many boy issues now.

Now these characters are the best a woman can hope for. They’re the Noahs, the Patrick Swayzes in Ghost and Landon in A Walk to Remember. These guys are too perfect, too romantic, too unobtainable. We’ll never find our own Mark Darcy.

But if we’re willing to settle just a bit, we can find awesome guys who are not as prolific. I’ve identified five fictional characters that I’d be interested in dating. They don’t own Pemberley or are sparkly vampires or will rescue a girl from a life of prostitution but am pretty sure they’ll make us happy.

Note: if you’re a guy and resemble any of these guys, please let me know. Cuddlers need not apply.

Blaine Anderson – Glee

Why? He sings, he dances, he has great hair and can dress like a mofo.
Why not? He’s gay.
Plus he used to go to a private school, which means his dad must have some moolah. So no worries about having to always go to McDonalds for dates. Not that I’m not into that, it’s just that a girl likes to be spoiled.
MVP Quote You did win. So did I. We got each other out of all this. That beats a lousy trophy, don't you think?

Jake Jagielski – One Tree Hill

Why? He was nice to Lucas when he joined the basketball team, he took care of his daughter because his baby momma turned out to be a stupid ho, he sings and he was very sexy.
Why not? Not sure if I can raise another woman’s child. Also baby momma drama is not my scene.
Plus? There is something about a sexy dad. Also he wrote and dedicated a song to Peyton.
MVP Quote I could have held you in my arms forever, and it still wouldn't have been long enough. 

The Best Friend – Love Actually

Why? He can organise cool things like a band playing All You Need Is Love. He is also loyal, he doesn’t act on his feelings for his best friend’s wife.
Why not? He doesn’t mind filming his best friend’s wife. Creep alert.
Plus He works at an art gallery so lots of opportunities for free cheese and wine. And a cool venue.
MVP Quote To me, you are perfect.

Gerry – Ps. I Love You (the book)

Why? He fell in love with his childhood sweetheart and when he realised he was sick and going to die soonish he developed a plan to help her cope with his death.
Why not? He is immortalised in film by Gerald Butler. And Hilary Swank is in the movie. Urgh!
Plus He was romantic, funny and thoughtful. Again, the book version.
MVP Quote Sometimes there is only one thing left to say, P. S. I Love You...

Tristan Thorne – Stardust

Why? He used all his savings to spoil the girl of his dreams on her birthday and then when she asked him for a falling star, he went to the ends of the earth to get it for her.
Why not? He is a horrible judge of character when it comes to girls.
Plus He’s a dreamer, very cute and is heir to a magical kingdom.
MVP Quote I'm not being silly. I'd do it. For you, I'd do anything. 

Any favourites?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Brandhunter Launch

Last week I was invited to attend the soft launch of an exciting new members-only flash-sale site, Brandhunter.
Now as I grew up in the 90s where the teen movie genre was immortalised and the majority of my book collection  consisted of The Babysitter's Club all I wanted to do was be a member of a cool club. And here was my chance! And even better I didn't have to worry about annoying kids to be part of a club :)

Along with one of my fab friends, we headed to 15 on Orange (swanky hotel) to learn more about the site and its products. On arrival, we were able to register and join the site. Brandhunter will only be taking 5000 members so if you're keen to join, sign up now. After December, there'll be a waitlist to get on. And there are no opportunities to flirt with a bouncer for admission. Not that I've ever done that...

How awesome are these key flashdrives.
Unlike other flash sites (still a new concept in South Africa but cray cray around the world) Brandhunter sells a range of premium brands including fashion, gadgets, accessories and electronics at discounted prices. Emphasis on premium. At the launch we spotted massive discounts on Lipsy, Hussein Chalayan for Puma, Paul's Boutique and Big Blue Furniture.

The peeps behind Brandhunter are Eugen Petersen  and Caroline Nixon, both of these guys have massive retail, online and marketing experience and can count Edcon, Zando and MIH/Kalahari.com as former employees. Eugen talked us through the beta version of the site so we knew what we could expect.

Like the majority of flash sites, the designer sales will only last a couple of days. Delivery will be a door-to-door courier service at a flat rate of 35 ronds. If you signup now and want to treat yo self, you can find sales from PUMA, Dell, Paul's Boutique bags and After Eden. And you can look forward to more Lipsy, The Lisa King Collection (footwear and bags), Samsung, Polo and Ferrari just to mention a few delectable brand names.

With Sam and FashionJazz

So what are you waiting for? Go on and signup!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wall Art*

*Originally I was going to title this post DIY Christmas Craft. As I read it back I realised how much it sounded like one of those stay at home mom blogs. And since I already do crafts I didn't want to make this sound any sadder ;)*

So I came across these awesome tutorials online about creating your own wall art. As you *must* know by now, there is no better time to me than Christmas.  So this was the perfect time for me to try this out.

I gathered my materials which consisted of a blank canvas, some foam letter, glue, white spray paint. I chose my text and then got to work gluing the letters down.

Once they dried, I started to spray paint it white. This in all honestly was the hardest part. As I had to wait for each layer to dry before doing the next. It took forever.

Once it was done though, it looked perfect. I was so happy how it turned out.

As I did this weeks ago before the season started I had to keep it away from our lounge. Peeps judge. Last week I (was finally allowed to) put up the Christmas tree. And here is how it looks.

You kinda have to be in the room to get the whole effect but trust me it's festive and fab!

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Image via Pinterest.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going Gaga

Along with Cape Town's entire gay population and their female friends, I attended the Lady Gaga concert last night. It was ah-mazing; girlfriend knows how to put on a show. We were advised not to take cameras to the show and I have a crap phone so I couldn't get any pictures. Of the show. Or of the fans. The fans were amazing. From the pink wigs with hair bows to the skull faces. Obviously I couldn't resist a chance to dress up. Here is my version of Gaga from Poker Face.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

We Have A Winner

A massive thank you to everyone who entered the 36Boutiques competition. I wish I could be Santa's Little Helper and give you all a little something something to spend online but sadly there can only be one winner.

Thanks to Random.org, the following person will be shopping away. Congratulations to

To claim your prize, please send me a mail at skinnybsinthemaking@gmail.com.
Happy Shopping!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Problem With TV According To Moi

TV shows used to be my escape from the world. While, when I’ve run out of cupcakes. So it saddens me that when I try to revisit a beloved TV show (i.e. spend a weekend re-watching it because I am broke and payday is a week away) I manage to find so many things wrong. So I have decided to compile a list of things my favourite TV shows have done wrong. And yes, it’s been a long-ass month of me having too little money and lots of time…

…The Gossip Girl Writers Think we’re stupid. 

Nate probably thinking 1 +1 =?

There is this moment in season 5 of GG where Serena’s dad says her brother Eric cannot come home for an event because he’s stuck in Zaire. And then Serena corrects him  by saying “I think it’s called the Democratic Republic of Congo now”. Like she knew that. Her dress is literally cut down to her navel but we’re expected to buy that she knows where it is and that there’s a country called the DRC. Bitch please. The other thing that really makes me mad because I take the journalism world so seriously is that Nate is running a publishing company. Nate…I realise he comes from a world of privilege and connections but this isn’t an assistant position. He is the editor in chief. And he has yet to finish college. Or *not* fuck any female character with the exception of his mother on the show. Nice one.  

…Carrie Planned Her Trip All Wrong.

This could have been avoided.

 I have watched the final season of Sex and the City way too many times. And after all the shit Big has put Carrie through, she deserves a fabulous older ex-ballet dancer who can provide a happy life filled with new adventures, aka The Russian. So when they meet, he is a famous artist who hasn’t done a show for years and has infinite time to spend with her. He gets a new show in Paris and invites her to move with him. All of a sudden he is working all the time and not there for her every moment. So girlfriend who is understandably a little homesick gets all weird in his grill and then they break up and Big arrives, blah blah blah. Now if I were Carrie, I’d realise, hey my boyfriend is about to embark on an artistic comeback, maybe he needs a bit of space. I’ll move countries when he’s closer to the opening and then when it’s done we can carry on living our amazing lives together. See, problem fixed.

…Debra Messing Cannot Dress For Shit On Smash

Intervention starts now.

Her character is a successful playwright with musicals on Broadway. She is trying to adopt a little Chinese baby. She also has a double-storey house. In Manhattan. She can afford to stop wearing ill-fitting cardigan shrug thingys and palazzo pants. Also, enough with the scarves.

…The Other Carrie Is Clearly Not Allergic to Sulphur

Glug, glug, glug

So I have a slight allergy to sulphur. Which means I cannot drink more than two glasses of wine before I turn into a sneezy, red-faced wreck. I once drank an entire bottle of sparkling wine in half an hour because of boy problems and the result was not pretty. So I take my wine slowly. Carrie on Homeland does not. Firstly it’s pronounced Kerri which is weird in itself. Secondly, she drinks the stuff like it’s water. Taking big ol’ gulps like she’s been in the dessert and shit. I have never ever seen anyone do that to wine before. It’s just not right or fun. And I once lost a drinking game in Thailand and had to drink a bucket of other people’s beer.

Anything bugging you?

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Win With 36Boutiques Gift Boutique

So we're coming up to the most wonderful time of the year. Seriously, for me there is nothing better than the festive season. Everyone is in a good mood, it's summer and we get to celebrate Christmas.

Although I love Christmas I'm not a big fan of the shopping. Making lists and buying stuff and then wrapping them is great. Actually going to the shops, walking through crowds, trying to avoid children and then finding out what you want to buy for your loved ones is sold out....that sucks.

If you're anything like me, then hold onto your knickers because 36Boutiques has got you covered. Just in time to start spending those Christmas bonuses is the launch of their Christmas Gift Boutique. So apart from the clothes, the shoes, the bags and accessories, you can now buy artisan gifts and have them delivered in time for Christmas. It's like attending your favourite market but at leas now you don't have to deal with annoying hipsters. And you can get it delivered for free. Plus if you've changed your mind, you can also return it for free. Here are some of my wishlist items:
This is a candle that is made to look like a candlestick from Sobeit. My mind is  blown.
How amaze is this vintage apron from Handmade by Me? So Mad Men.

Heart bunting. Need I say more.

Cute lil' hanging lovebirds from TinTown.

I already have mad love for Moleskine but now there are pink ones!
To celebrate the season, 36Boutiques is giving one lucky Skinny Bs reader the chance to win R500 to spend online. You can use it to buy gifts or you can treat yo' self. After all it's the season of giving.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your number one wishlist item from the site is. And then hold thumbs. The competition will run until Friday, the 23rd November at 09h00. I'll announce the winner later that day. Anyone in SA can enter.

Good luck bitches!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dream

This week is a fail. So last night after getting home late we watched Bridget Jones' Diary for about the 100th million time. And as always, we swooned at this part.

Like I said, the dream.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Blend

For last week's coffee club, we went to The Blend in Roeland Street.

This cute lil spot can be easily missed and if you do you'll be very sorry. As soon as we walked in, we loved it. From the cosy setting to the friendly staff to the little decor touches, it was a great place to enjoy our morning coffee.


A super fabulous thing about this little cafe is that if you're a coffee fundi or even worse a coffee nazi you get to choose your favourite type of blend. Even as just a regular coffee addict this was awesome to hear. They serve Deluxe, Tribe and Kupa coffee.

They have a nice and simple menu with lots of mouth-watering items. Sadly as we're trying to become skinny bitches, we opted for a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon without toast (which is my kryptonite). When I'm super skinny I'm running over to try their Saturday Hangover Breakfast. It's an omelette with 5 fillings, coffee and a smoothie. Can you say "hell yeah".

I've been following them on Twitter and have noticed they have a few food specials that make me want to waste 40 minutes of my lunch break driving there and back just to indulge. Damn carb cravings. If you're in the hood you can find great deals such as R50 for a gourmet sandwich and coffee or coffee and monster cookie for R22 and muffin and smoothie for R20.

If you're in the hood, make sure you visit.

The Blend
79 Roeland Street
07h00 - 16h00

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