Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Month...

...has been a hectic one. 2012 in fact has been pretty hectic. There have been some amazing moments in this month, one I cannot blog about yet but soon. There have also been many, many downers.

So far this month:

*Lost the oil cap for my car and had to get a new one. Plus had to have my car engine cleaned. Did you know there's engine shampoo?!
*I have gotten sick and went three days looking like crap
*Had to repair my car exhaust pipe
*Put on weight (technically my own fault but still)
*Walked outside to find my car had been knocked and my bumper was on the ground. Thanks to the douchebag who did that btw.
*Scheduled a dermatologist appointment the day before payday and without finding out the rates.

And after all of that, this is how I feel:

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!