Friday, May 25, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Firstly thank you to everyone that entered my competition with Champagne Taittinger SA. My inbox was flooded with peeps all dying for some fancy champers.

Now in all honesty, ever since this competition started I have been trying to find ways of keeping this prize to myself. They included creating a fake blogger profile, getting my friends and family to enter with promises of going halfsies or just running away with the prize and never blogging again ;)

Alas my Catholic guilt got the better of me and it was with a heavy heart I put all the entries into a spreadsheet and with the help of the following person will be popping bottles in the ice like a blizzard...

Snaps for you! I'll be sending you a mail shortly. And shout if you need a drinking buddy.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake

Ever have one of those weeks where everyone's work is urgent, everything is important and all things need to be completed NOW. Also add in some mean girls, people with too much power and men with bad moods (and we're the ones with PMS) and you'll have my week. And it's only Wednesday.

To look on the brighter side, I am possession of a new dress from I Love Leroy which I'll wear to a fabulous event sponsored by Taittinger (don't forget to enter my competition) tomorrow along with some of you fab Cape Town bloggers. Also I will be making cupcakes. I have found baking calms me down. I think I let out all my frustration via kneading or vigorous stirring.

To put me in the mood, I googled cupcakes. And now I'm in my happy place.

How's your week been?

Always guaranteed to make you smile.
Glitter + cupcakes = Angel's work in my eyes.

Red Velvet, big favourite. Never attempted them myself though.

Snickers cupcakes, hello thighs how you've grown!
Giant cupcake, Jesus take the wheel.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Win With Champagne Taittinger SA

Picture the scene…you’re on the French Riveria. You’re basking in the sunlight while a gentle breeze makes your silk Herm├ęs scarf flutter. You’ve kicked off your Louboutins and motion for a nearby waiter to bring you a glass of something chilled. You grip your Waterford crystal and take a glass of vintage Taittinger and then the party really begins.

Skinny Bitches is very excited to announce the start of a fabulous competition. If that’s the lifestyle you’re after, then look no further. Okay, we can’t really promise you the whole paradise shebang but we can give away one ah-mazing hamper that can definitely change a few things.

This can all be yours, mmmm!

Champagne Taittinger South Africa is giving one Skinny Bitches – In The Making reader a chance to win the following
*One bottle of Taittinger (the preferred brand of Grace Kelly, Truman Capote, James Bond and the Baftas and Tony Awards)
*One Taittinger Ice Bucket to make the rest of your champers feel inferior
*Two Taittinger flutes to live the high life when your bottle’s finished
*One Taittinger stopper to keep the fizzle even if the party’s fizzed out

And to win all of this you ask? All you have to do is send a mail to with your name, contact number and address. For extra entries you can follow the peeps on Twitter (go on, they’ve just signed up and need fans) and like their Facebook page. Just drop that in the mail.

This could be you next week, if you were slightly less-elegant and a dude!

The competition will run until Thursday, 24 May 2012. The winner and my new bestie (you’ll need to share that champers with someone) will be announced next Friday. Best of all? Anyone from South Africa can enter.

Good luck bitches!Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current Obsessions


This has been labeled like a grownup Glee. I feel it’s not that grownup but it’s like how Glee used to be. Before the ridiculous plots and lame Ricky Martin episode. It’s based on the creation of a Marilyn Monroe musical. It’s got Grace from Will & Grace not being very nice, catchy songs, bitchy back-up dancers and Jack Davenport. I just got the soundtrack as well and it’s amazing. Have been playing it non-stop. It can definitely brighten up a day.

One Direction
It started with one song and now I’m playing the CD all day. It’s catchy and cute and totally reminds me of when I was boyband-obsessed a couple of years ago. The music is the perfect way to brighten up a droll day. And also they’re very nice to look at. Particulalry Zayn. Knowing he was born in 1994 does make me feel a little bad perving over him though.

Game of Thrones

Obvs I love the series but right now I am obsessed with the books. I’ve just started the first one and it’s really good. I was worried it wouldn’t be as entertaining since I knew how it ended (have still not forgiven Joffrey for killing Ned btw) but it’s very addictive. If I normally love a book I read it straight from start to finish in one setting, barely pausing for meals. But with this one I’m trying to take it a bit slow. Especially since I haven’t bought the second book yet.

Okay, first up, if you have seen this show and were one of those peeps who didn’t tell me about it we cannot be besties. It is so unbelievably good. I like Claire Danes as the ever-so-crazy CIA agent. She can curse like it’s no one’s business. Also it stars Mandy Patinkin who I have always loved first as Iago in Princess Bride.

Glitter Shoes

Ever since Miu Miu came out with their glitter booties, they are all I can think about. 36Boutiques have a fabulous selection of glitter heels. And my absolute favourite pair are the ones above from G.Couture. I heart them but still in two minds about whether I can pull them off. Le sigh.

Images from here and here

Monday, May 14, 2012

Letters To My Children

I've always like the idea of passing down collective wisom and advice that you've been given or experienced to someone else. Obviously when it's done right it can be a great help. When it's unsolicited you run the risk of being labelled a nosy bitch who should keep her opinions to herself.

Under the moniker "Letters to My Children" you can rant and rant about all the stuff you learned and know and pass it onto your kids without sounding like a know-it-all. Which is something I really like. Under the guise of preparing your offspring for this world you can say what you want and no one can excuse you of being selfish. Which is awesome.

Now I don't have any kids and until Future Boyfriend comes along, those cute Asian babies we'll adopt are still a dream away. That however hasn't stopped me from preparing my Future Babies. Obviously I want them to stand up for their beliefs and be true to themselves and all that nonsense *but* more importantly I want to guide them through the little stuff.

So hear are my letters to my children...

...No one likes a smug bitch or a douche. Don't be either.

...Never be the car who has slowed down to look at an accident. It's common and it slows down traffic.

...Always be nice to people who serve you food. Just think of all the bad stuff they can do if you're not.

...Never save clothes, shoes or perfume for a special occasion. Make every occasion special. You'll regret never wearing all the pretty things.

...Learn to enjoy your own company. Seriously, sometimes all you need is a big bowl of pasta, fat pants and your favourite by yourself.

...Learn the words to the Beatles song. This will help on drunken nights out, pub quizzes and also it's some of the best music ever created.

...Go to the movies by yourself. On a weekday morning. Stretch out in the comfort of an empty cinema and chew your popcorn as loudly as you want.

...Girls, flats are for quitters ;)

...Never trust a guy/girl who wants to make a sex tape. And if you're the one who suggested it, we need to talk.

...Be nice to people even if you don't like them. It's not two-faced, it's being a bigger person.

...Learn to bake something particularly awesome. Like cupcakes or cheesecake or pecan pie. This is more for me in my old age and laziness than for your better self.

...Don't be afraid to dance. You may not have my skills on the dancefloor but that shouldn't stop you. And by skills I mean I can do the Footloose dance and the routine for Oops! I Did It Again.

...Do more things. Like bowling. I hated it when I was 10. I tried it again at 25. I didn't get better, I may have gotten worse but now I have an unflattering picture of me doing it. Memories.

...Make wishes at 11:11. Not sure why that time but just do it!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!