Friday, May 17, 2013

The Test Kitchen

Sometimes there are not enough words to explain an experience. So I turn to gifs. For food pictures keep scrolling.

This was me, trying to play it cool when I made a dinner reservation at The Test Kitchen. Back in March. That’s right. Two months ago.

Then every day since then when I started to think about it.

On the day.

When the dishes got served.

After every first bite.

When a friend wanted more than one taste.

When I had dessert order envy.

When I realised it was the last course.

Any other restaurant experience from now on. 

Now for the actual food:

Grilled scallop, asparagus, tofu miso suke, braised scallop dressing, miso on toast,
braised shitake, raw shitake

Lightly smoked beef fillet, gorgonzola catalan, fresh pear, candied pecan nut,
grated nutmeg, miso cured egg yolk

Banana pancake and mango cannoli,
passion fruit ice, lemon grass infused tapioca

Caramelised poached pear, beurre noissette ice cream, brioche

Duck breast in two ways (“Slow & Fast”), Luke’s truffle and foie gras egg with assorted onions


Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Images from here, here and here.