Monday, April 30, 2012

Bread, Milk and Honey

 Finding new and fabulous and open at 7am coffee clubs in the city is proving tough work. We had originally planned on visiting The Field Office but despite advertising their opening time as 7 they were still closed when we went for our lattes. After a snooty reply on Twitter about their being closed, we decided we'd much rather spend our money where it was welcomed...

...Bread, Milk and Honey. And I'm really glad we did. The coffee was good, the muffins were tasty and cheap and the baristas were friendly and even asked how much sugar, sweetner we'd like in our coffees. This is a major brand-plus for a coffee shop. It makes so much difference when getting a coffee-on-the-go.

We parked ourselves at one of the tables outside and enjoyed the coffee. Inside there are many more tables but it's so much more enjoyable people-watching outside. If you're hungry, they have loads of pastries and things that can make your stomach smile but your thighs huge. You know, the best things in life. I've also heard about a great lunch buffet but will have to go back to try it out.

 If you're in the area, definitely drop by.

Bread, Milk and Honey
10 Spin Street
021 461 8425

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oooh La La

Last week I was very lucky to attend the media launch of some fabulous underwear brands courtesy of Brand Identity. So along with some other blogger peeps and magazine ladies (who are all so well-dressed you feel like even your best threads are potato sacks next to them) I headed to Wembley Square to see the new collections from After Eden, Elle Macpherson and Maidenform.

We were treated to some snacks and drinks and a showcase where all the new collections were shown on girls whose bodies are to die for. A show and some motivation to go back onto diet ;)

There are some very, very seksi things coming from Elle Macpherson's collection. Future Boyfriend, I'm going to need you to step in right about now with your family money 'cause these are beautiful but would destroy my savings.

 After Eden is a great brand and is actually in my budget. When you're blessed with a little more something something on top, you know not just any old bra will do your 'girls' justice. They are the business. And something to look forward to, they'll be launching their swimwear collection. They also have a loungewear and travel collection. They explained it as the comfortable alternative clothes that you'd change into when walking the dog, travelling long-distance or popping out to the shops. Basically they're fancy fat pants. And they're very pretty.

 Then there was the Maidenform stuff. Now as you'll know as a reader to this blog, I am a big fan of magic knickers or shapewear. I probably wear mine about 3 times a week.The only thing I don't love about them is that they are not the prettiest of things. They always come in granny beige and although they work wonders, they are the *last* thing you want to be wearing if there is any chance of sexy time. That is, until you've converted to Maidenform. These shapewear items are the stuff body sculpting dreams are made of. And they're so pretty!

After the showcase we were allowed to look through the collections and walked away with a fab underwear set from After Eden.

 Thanks to the lovely ladies at Brand Identity for the invite, the insights and the seksi knickers.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yours Truly Part Two

So for last week's Coffee Club meeting we were meant to have our lattes at Skinny Legs & All in Loop Street. When we arrived there though there was a mix-up and someone had forgotten their keys. Which meant that all the staff were stuck outside and us three were without our caffeine fix.

Quick thinking, we all agreed to go back to a favourite new discover Yours Truly. Still looking as fabulous, still tasty coffee and still loads of fun.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Lust-Have List

Thanks to the interwebs, online shopping and really nice PR peeps who send things, I have discovered a whole bunch of things that would make the world a better place - if they were in my wardrobe, on my bathroom shelf and on my feet. Below I give you my lust-have list. A collection of items I really, really want, have fallen in love with and will be becoming obsessed with shortly.

I'm like a magpie so anything shiny makes me smile. Considering I cannot run around dropping glitter bombs on people, I'd like to bring some sparkle with this awesome vest from Sissy Boy. It's just the right amount of metallics without verging on tacky and paired with the right jeans and blazer, haute damn!

One of my favourite smells has to be lemongrass. It relaxes me and makes me think of all those awesome massages I had in Thailand. Now I have lemongrass candles, room spray and some of that burny oil shizz but that hasn't stopped me from wanting this lemongrass and juniper berry skin body butter from Body Thrills. The best bit? They're having a special where you get 30% off for a limited time. So hurry and click click click!

With winter around the corner, there's always a need to layer and bulk up. Unless of course you're me. Don't get me wrong I love a good coat but living in Cape Town I don't always feel the need for it. Five minutes on and I'm sweating and cannot wait to get it off. But give me a jacket and I'm ready to go. I've always been weary of leather jackets, afraid I'll end up looking like I was an extra in The Matrix but then I saw this beauty from Lipsy. Hello lover!

Ah animal print. I'm so scared of trying it out. Probably because I've seen visions of older women in only animal print and it worries me I'll also start looking like a 40-something divorcee with bad roots and ciggie-stained teeth. So I'm trying to incorporate it slowly into my wardrobe. Like recently I bought a leopard print scarf which hasn't made it out of the bag yet and I might even venture out to get a cute pair of pumps. But what I really want and have no idea if I could pull off are these booties from Asos.

Fashion Fairy Godmother, if you're out there, please help.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I ♥ My Laundry

After a long absence, our Coffee Club is back. So last week I was messing around on Twitter and heard about this fancy new laundromat that also served coffee. And so our new venue for coffee club was found.

I ♥ My Laundry is situated on the corner of Buitengracht and Hout street and houses a laundromat and ironing service. It also serves up some delicious coffee from Brazil.

We were lucky enough to hear all about it from the owner who told us apart from the restaurants and hotels that use the laundromat, they also do walk-in laundry. To launch they hosted a wine and bread tasting evening and I saw a couple of Tweets about a whiskey tasting. In the future they'll also be doing a bubbles evening which I'll be all up on.

It's definitely a pretty place to host a dinner party and the bonus is you can get your goods watched. Plus the coffee is tasty and affordable.

Go and visit.
59 Buitengracht Street
Heritage Square

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Banish The Blues

My failproof way to get through a Monday is by baking. Either I get up crazy early and make some muffins or I count down the hours until I can get home and start crack-a-lackin' in the kitchen.

Yesterday I found myself Googling rainbow cupcakes. I've made them before and they are fabulous. But I decided to try something a little different this time.

We've all heard of marshmallow icing and marshmallow fondant but have you ever thought to just add plain marshmallows as a topping. I didn't until yesterday and the result was amazing. You know how good a marshmallow is when you roast it over a fire, imagine that gooey warmness all over a cupcake. Mmmm, happy place.

If you wanna try it, all you have to do is take out your cupcakes about 5 minutes before they're ready and place a marshmallow on top of them. After a minute take them out and use the back of the spoon to press them down so they cover the entire cupcake. This is when they can be a bit sticky so I suggest rather using a silicone spatula or add some flour to your spoon.

Let them cook for the remainder of the time. Then take them out and cool. Once cool, enjoy the happiness!