Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Online Love usual I have a problem with money. This time it's for something very exciting. Not as exciting as my Thailand holiday last year but still it could lead to amazing opportunities and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I want to say more but am afraid I'll jinx it. Seriously. You can make fun if you want.

Luckily my moolah worries never stop me from window shopping. And thanks to online shops, I never have to actually visit a mall to browse. These are the gems I've found online and am dying to buy. But! I must be strong!

First up is this frilly little bikini from 36Boutiques. Love this colour. Hope that if I do get it then it'll be the same in real-life. One problem with online shopping, sometimes the pictures distort the colour. I love the top half of the the bikini the mist. In a dream world, the bottoms would be those 50s style kind that cover your belly and love handles. But until then...

There's a new online shop called Utique. It's got all these lovely decor things that make me hate the fact I rent instead of own. I wish my lease allowed me to wallpaper. I have a feeling my flat's wall would be off the chain! In the meantime I'll settle for little bits of pretty to decorate the flat in. Like these LOVE coasters. Truthfully I don't make peeps use coasters but I may make them use these. Actually that's a lie, these are for display purposes only.

My birthday is in January. Christmas is before that. And before that I can start celebrating Halloween. So if you're looking for a present for me, head on over to Hello Pretty and buy these mugs. You rock!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!