Monday, March 25, 2013

Postsecret of the Week

There were some hectic secrets this week. Some made me grimace, some made me sad but this one give me a little bit of hope.

Just keep swimming,

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Hear It For The Boys

Ah fashion launches. They consist of immaculately-dressed people whose faces I recognise from magazines and online and long to touch to see if they’re real. Everyone carries a glass of bubbly and food is teeny, tiny canapés whose description always includes drizzled, infused and seared; all of which are served on a stick which I struggle to eat without messing on my dress. *


Then you get invited to a fashion launch that changes everything. I, along with my gay husband Sam, attended the launch of Bastion Menswear at Salon91art gallery. The collection was set amidst the Back in Five Minutes typographic art exhibition; which we think worked crazy well. We were greeted by the friendly and pretty – is there any other kind? Seriously where are the uggos?! - PR ladies and invited to view the collection whilst helping ourselves to drinks and snacks. And this is where things got sexy ;) Instead of the usual waiters swanning around with bubbles, there were premade G&Ts and pizza. Hello heaven! I’ve arrived. There were some other drinks but for me gin makes me win.

How amaze are these hangers! Almost left with one but it wouldn't fit in my clutch.

 Now about the clothes. Bastion is created for the guys and is a side project of Lauren Kotze and Nikki St. Quintin. That’s right side project. For me, a job, a bit of a social life and the plot in Revenge keeps me busy 24/7. If I do have some spare time, you’ll find me passed out on the couch from a carb-induced coma. So I give these guys props.

Saving this shirt for when we have Michelle Obama arms.

The collection is made using all natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton. Normally someone says hemp and I’m like eek, bloody hippies. But the design team have created a very stylish and classic range. There are a lot of wardrobe basics so you can create outfits around these pieces. And while they’re like YDE price range (short for R390 and shirts form R280) they are muuuuch better quality. You can tell these will stay intact after a few washes.

If Sam doesn't buy this I will buy it for myself, pretend it's for my Future Boyfriend and then say I stole it from him.

At the moment, you can contact Bastion via their Facebook page for all your orders, otherwise look to the Biscuit Mill where they’ll be selling soon. There are plans to stock the collection in stores in the future too so when it comes to buying all the stylish men in your life gifts, you’ll know where to go.

Our fashion blogger poses. 

Our disinterested hipster fashion blogger poses.
Our there's more gin faces.

Thanks to the peeps from Butter Knife for having us and for being so generous with your gin.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

*Disclaimer: Although I make fun of them, I still love those intricate canapés on sticks and drizzled with infused seared nonsense. If I had my way I’d stash a couple in my handbag, go home and eat them in the comfort of my fat pants. But alas I have to act like a lady in public. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Things I Want To Try Out

This smokey eye makeup with glitter. 

I heart a smokey eye and I am obsessed with glitter. But not sure if I can pull off this bold look.

DIY Lace Candle Holders.

Apparently these are really simple and cheap to make. I'm dying to host a party by candlelight and think if I ever did, these would be perfect.

Messy Beehive

So I'm having a bit of a throwback phase. I think a regular beehive is a bit too much but this messy one has the perfect balance of retro and modern. Paired with a skater dress, it would be phenom.

Swing Dancing

Nothing looks as much fun as this. And I've heard about some lessons in Cape Town. But my crippling fear and lack of coordination means I'll probably never make it to the lessons.

 Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

Images from here and here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last week was another installment of Coffee Club. We ventured to Rcaffe in Long Street to get our caffiene fix on.

I've been here before but I've passed it a few times on a pub crawl. As it's open super early (06h30 peeps) it closes relatively early. Probably because the staff need to get to back around 20h00 to wake up that early. So I pass it but I've never gone inside.

From the first steps in, it seemed like the place to be. For 7am on Friday. It was pumping. It's quite big and almost every table was full. Service is kinda hard to explain. It was hard to get our waiter's attention, granted that the place was booming but it was efficient. Not the most friendly staff, it all felt a bit brisk. I realise they had lots to do and no one particualrly likes one of those too-friendly waiters but it was lacking.

The coffee was quite delicious I thought. The perfect way to start the day. Some of us ate breakfast. The food menu was extensive. But a little bit pricey. On the plus side, the food came out quickly. But I think I still overpaid for my teeny, tiny english muffin. And at the end, when we asked for the bill we were slapped with a service charge. I get that a lot of places have service charges for more than 6 people but this was breakfast. Also no heads up? We are not el cheapos but come on? For a table of 6 when half of us don't eat? Not a reason to go back.

If you're up super early and just keen for a coffee - and have a small party ;) - then definitely try them out. If anything, the place is pretty, quirky and has a mean cuppa.

07h30 - 17h00
138 Long Street

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!