Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Life In Gifs - Online Dating Special

A while back I signed up for online dating. It wasn’t for me. Then things got a little slow in the romance department…not to mention the cobwebs downstairs. So I decided to try again. New site, new profile, new attitude. This has been my experiences so far.

When I Started Out All Excited 

When The Initial Excitement Slowed Down

When I Started Getting Dirty Messages

When Boys Started Asking For My Number Straight Up 

When I Did Give Out My Number and Then Got Stalked 

When The “Nice” Guy I’m Chatting To Turns Out To Be A Racist Or Homophobe Or Both

When A Really Good Looking Guy Messages Me  

When A Married Guy Messages Me 

 When The Guy I Like Is Into Outdoor Activities

When I Get Called Sexy By Some Random In Another Country

When A Guy Is Good Looking, Not Creepy And Has A Funny Profile

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 
Images from  here, here, here and here.