Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday's Mantra

This week it's back to gym.
I believe strawberry trifle is evidence that angels exist.
I'm addicted to Dallas Divas & Daughters. Trashy TV at its best.
I wish the wind would stop. My hair looks terrible.
I'm jealous of no one this week, it's time for a positive attitude.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week Nothing left for me to do but dance.

Thursday Night Tales

As much as us Skinny Bitches loves our fab living pad, there is but one downfall and it mysteriously has something to do with Thursday nights. For the last 4-5 weeks every Thursday night something weird has happened. Im not talking ghosts or finding hidden cash, Im talking people out on the street kind of weird.

Firstly, we experienced rather rude neighbours fighting with drivers as to who's fault it was to a blocked one way street. Our neighbours seem to think that highly abusive language and shouting will solve the problem, that and their 'relationship' with the local police. Did I mention that they think the yellow line outside their house is 'their' yellow line. And when I say abusive language I mean every single fowl mouthed word in and out of the english dictionary and in front of their young children...isn't that just plain common - please go back to where you came from. They also seem to think that the culprit (person blocking the street as if its not them) lives in our building of 8 flats, and so they will proceed to constantly ring our buzzer to see if it is us, regardless of the time of day/morning.

On another occasion we had two sets of gay couples figthing in the street because one of their cars had hit the other. Again with the abusive verbal onslaught at 2 or 3 am in morning...fighting over who was at fault, apparently the one couple where from the Eastern Cape, thus meaning it was all their fault. Drunk gays at 3 am in the morning are meanies.

The week before last I had, what I think was some sort of criminal, run past my window banging gates and bins. Freaking me out copletely, having both Green Eyes and myself in our lounge watching the cops and ADT drive by looking for the culprit.

And last Thursday or was it Friday I swear I heard gun shots or a car back-firing 6 times.

It's time like these when Im the most tired and all I ask for is sleep. If you're gona park illegally, hit someone's car, be a criminal on the run or shooting randomly, please do it quietly. My job does not entail me falling asleep during client meetings.

I will write again if anything happens this Thursday....