Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Mantra

Juste pour vous!

This Week
is all about budgeting.
We Believe in the healing powers of chocolate.
We're Addicted To spinach and feta anything.
We Wish that there majority of men in Cape Town weren't interested in men.
We're Jealous Of people who don't have to work on a Monday.
Soundtrack for the Week Cos you gotta have faith, faith, faith!

Beaucoup d'amour!

50 Random Things about Skinny Bitches In the Making

So we've seen this on loads of blogs and on Facebook. It also needs no explanation, as the clue is in the title.
We've noted that most bloggers tag others on the blog. We are too lazy to do that. But we would really like to read your random things. So please feel free to comment below. We do realise that most cool people have posted this ages ago so if you have, please send us the link.

Green Eye's 25 Random things

1. I really want to be a writer.
2. I wear high heels to work everyday no matter how much they hurt.
3. I think skinny women who don't dress down are letting down the team. You have the canvas, create a masterpiece.
4. I love watching Sex & The City in bed on a Sunday morning with a poached egg and a coffee (My favourite episode is The Good Fight).
5. I never know what to say to people who've just had someone special die.
6. I judge people who use their Facebook status to tell their boyfs or girlfs how much they " you baby xxx."
7. My perfect guy would wear glasses.
8. I love spending time with my friends but I cannot do it everyday. I need my own space.
9. If I had to enter a reality show, I'd go for The Amazing Race. I know I'd rock it.
10. I am convinced that one of my co-workers has the entire office bugged.
11. My favourite food in the world is sandwiches.
12. I love discovering new blogs and going through all their archives.
13. Guys in skinny jeans are hot.
14. I care what people think. A lot.
15. When I'm sad, a can of coke used to make me feel better. Now that I'm on a diet and cannot have sugar, there is no substitute.
16. "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" is my favourite song to sing when I drive.
17. I never try on clothes in a shop. I wait till I get home because I am afraid of changing-room mirrors.
18. I think Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy were kinky in bed.
19. The thought of being pregnant scares me.
20. When I grow up I want to be like Baglett.
21. My eyes change colour depending on the weather and what I'm wearing. When I wear olive green, my eyes have yellow specks.
22. I don't particularly like any animals.
23. I wish Simon Amstell wasn't gay.
24. I make wishes on eyelashes and at 11:11.
25. I always wish the same wish. It still hasn't come true.

Blue Eye's 25 Random Things
  1. I love the smell of cats paws, petrol, freshly cut grass and ground coffee.
  2. Financial budgets are my thing.
  3. Jane Austen is awesome.
  4. I think I will be famous one day.
  5. I know way too many gay men for my own liking, where did all the straight men go!
  6. On friday nights I like to dance around my living room singing along to 80's music-hairbrush in hand.
  7. Chocolate is not an addiction, it's an understanding.
  8. I'm in love with the idea of being in love.
  9. I consider my friends to be my family.
  10. I don't believe in calling someone a hypocrite, we're all allowed to change our minds and opinions every once and awhile.
  11. I love those prawn chips from woolies, they're addictive.
  12. I think the best company you can keep is your own, there's nothing more satisfying than spending time alone with your thoughts and thinking about your life and where you're at and where you're heading.
  13. Religion, race, sexuality...who you are has nothing to do with who I am, so be whatever/whoever you want to be.
  14. It's hard for me to forget the things that hurt and the people who have hurt me.
  15. I think fairytales can happen.
  16. I'm a rock chick at heart.
  17. I hate being so logical and sensible sometimes, why can't I just fuck up for once and not care about it.
  18. I'm a perfectionist, but you'd never know if you saw the state of my room.
  19. I've only been in love once, and once is enough for now, I don't want to go through that again.
  20. I hate it when people don't like me, I'm likeable???
  21. Lyrics and melodies are my closest companions.
  22. I would rather go out for dinner and drinks, than party it up at some club.
  23. I rarely listen to a whole song in one go, I always skip to the best parts and then on to the next song.
  24. I'm not into politics, I try, I just don't get it or I just don't want to.
  25. I don't like to be called by my full name, I feel I am being reprimanded, nicknames are best.