Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something I heard on the radio

On the way home yesterday I heard something interesting on the radio. Can't remember whether it was the Dj, a guest on the show or an advert that drew my attention, but he/she/it said the following:

If you had to sell your life on e-bay, would you bid for it and how much would you pay?

Don't you think that's a pretty good question to ask yourself.

I would have to answer yes to me bidding for my own life, but Im just not too sure how much im willing to pay for it. Some days I would pay through my teeth, other days I would pay someone else just to have it. Or maybe I would pay for parts of it and others I wouldn't. Let's see, I'd pay highly for my friends and family, average for my looks, less for my body, high for my flat, semi high for my social life, average for my work, absolute nil for banks and car debt, pay nil again for my love life. I suppose it's a good way to break your life into little pieces tpo see where improvement is needed.

So here's my mini challenge to everyone. I'd like to know if you would bid for your life and how much you would pay for it. Could get quite interesting.