Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Blend

For last week's coffee club, we went to The Blend in Roeland Street.

This cute lil spot can be easily missed and if you do you'll be very sorry. As soon as we walked in, we loved it. From the cosy setting to the friendly staff to the little decor touches, it was a great place to enjoy our morning coffee.


A super fabulous thing about this little cafe is that if you're a coffee fundi or even worse a coffee nazi you get to choose your favourite type of blend. Even as just a regular coffee addict this was awesome to hear. They serve Deluxe, Tribe and Kupa coffee.

They have a nice and simple menu with lots of mouth-watering items. Sadly as we're trying to become skinny bitches, we opted for a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon without toast (which is my kryptonite). When I'm super skinny I'm running over to try their Saturday Hangover Breakfast. It's an omelette with 5 fillings, coffee and a smoothie. Can you say "hell yeah".

I've been following them on Twitter and have noticed they have a few food specials that make me want to waste 40 minutes of my lunch break driving there and back just to indulge. Damn carb cravings. If you're in the hood you can find great deals such as R50 for a gourmet sandwich and coffee or coffee and monster cookie for R22 and muffin and smoothie for R20.

If you're in the hood, make sure you visit.

The Blend
79 Roeland Street
07h00 - 16h00

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!