Wednesday, March 25, 2009

um, Green Eyes, I think you're forgetting one small detail to that list of ours........


You know, that brown silky smooth, luxurious tasting, endorphin releasing, I'd kill my own boyfriend for substance... No! (please leave this site now and never come back) I'm just slightly insulted right now that you would forget...but of course chocolate would be on the list. I live chocolate, I breathe chocolate, heck, I'd even date it if I could. Not to mention all the things you can do with now, I meant things like making cake and hot all have dirty minds....(actually so do I) and gosh darnit, there goes my train of thought (Me&Edward ruling the world, Me Queen, him my chocolate serving slave....)
So YES Chocolate is def on that list and copius amount of it too!!!!!

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