Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wish List # 6 Chuck Bass

For those unfamiliar with Gossip Girl (aka one of the most awesome shows ever), then the allure and sheer-hotness of Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, will be a mystery. Even I will admit that before I saw the show about Manhattan's elite teen-queens and heartthrobs I was so not a fan. Perez Hilton consistently mentioned the British actor and alluded to his supposed homosexuality with fellow GG co-star Chace Crawford. I was not a Chuck Bass convert until I managed to watch the whole first season. And I did so in two days, never leaving the couch with a consistent supply of junk food. The rest, I am now a bona-fide Chuck-a-holic!

This Upper East Side bad boy of Manhattan's social scene may not be the first choice to take home to the parents. But he is the one they would have warned us about. The notorious, manipulative and sexy Chuck Bass breaks all the rules and has such fun doing it. He makes no apologies except justifies his actions with his now-renowned catchphrase, "I'm Chuck Bass". Although revenge and self-gain are synonymous with his character, Chuck also managed to show us a softer, caring and loyal side when it comes to his bestie Nate and his love interest Blair.

Apart from the money and the womanising and his catchphrase, Chuck Bass is a natty dresser. And us women folk couldn't be more happier. We're watching the show for him as much as for Blair's headbands and Serena's ensembles. Chuck Bass has the ability to mix prep-school cool with street style. His eponymous patchwork scarf has had fashionistas scrambling to purchase one for themselves and has spawned its own dedicated fansite.

Until we get Chuck Bass, we'll settle for some pictures and quotes.

"I'm Chuck Bass

"There's something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated."

"Why don't I turn that one piece into a no-piece."

"Well I'm Chuck Bass."

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