Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wish List # 7 Flawless Skin

I have always had skin problems. Ever since I entered puberty and developed early I have had lots to juggle with. And not everything could be settled with a training bra. My goal to have acne-free skin took years to accomplish. I tried tried Oxy and Clean and Clear and Clearasil. I tried the skincare solution made out of tea. I tried the one made from carrots. I tried products made for sensitive skin and for teenage skin. No matter what I was putting on my face, nothing was working. So tried pills and tablets and almost resorted to an injection–like thing which still gives me the creeps today.

Today I have almost good skin. Which means the majority of it is clear but I am still prone to break-outs. I have a strict skincare regime which I almost-always adhere to. One thing is for sure though, I never go to bed with my make-up on.

In the quest for perfect skin, there are so many skincare products out there. I currently use Nimue which is amazing. But if money was no object I’d use these:

Crème La Mer

The miracle cream that needs no introduction. Madonna uses it. Jennifer Lopez uses it all over her body. According to the website there’s no logical explanation why it works so well. It just does. Something to do with the weird process it takes to create it. Special seaweed and lunar schedules. And if it came to it, I would rather buy a couple of tubs instead of getting a new car.

Dermalogica Thermofoliant

Like the Daily Microfoliant, which is king, is an exfoliator with a difference. Instead of mixing with water like its counterpart, this is a gel-like substance that once rubbed onto the skin heats up. Literally. I’ve tried it. On my hand to be honest but I swear it felt amazing. And my palm has never looked better! It’s part of the Age Smart range so it’s ideally for mature or prematurely ageing skin. But if you’re looking to fight the signs of ageing it’s perfect.

ComfortZone Glorious Skin Tensor

This is an absolutely amazing serum. It has been described as Botox in a bottle. Although I have never had Botox I have tried this. In minutes, after one application skin looks and feels fabulously firmer. It’s also great to put on before doing your foundation as it presents a perfect, smooth canvas. Also fabulous for preventing wrinkles.

YSL Touché Éclat

The only beauty product I can afford. And the one I buy on a regular basis. Apart from acne, I also have dark circles. And they’re heredity and not just the result of smudgy eyeliner. Touché Éclat is by far the best concealer known to man. A little dab can do wonders for the skin. I use it under my eyes, to highlight my cheeks when I’m going for a natural look and for when those damn chin spots appear. The product is so fabulous it’s even been redone for men. I'm a shade 3 btw!

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