Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Best Part of The Confed Cup 2009

I have always been lucky being a girl and knowing quite a bit about football. That basically means my knowledge stretches further than the offside rule and Bend it Like Beckham but I waver on Footballer's Wives and Freddie Ljungberg's Calvin Klein adverts. So while I know who's playing in major competitions and the grounds of most of the English Premier league teams, I prefer the other aspects of the beautiful game. It's not so much as what happens on the pitch but more who's doing it.

And so I give you my Confed Cup hotties! As I'm posting this at work, and I work in an open-plan office I had to get the pictures directly off of Fifa's official site. Apparently when I google "soccer players shirtless" the boys in the office think I'm a freak. Pretending to view their club records and stats gives me some credibility. But also explains the poor photos. Clearly Fifa's photographer was not thinking when he took this picture of Fabio Cannavaro. Not that he looks bad but I think every girl's got memories of his modelling career and we'd much rather see that!

The next hottie is a Spaniard. Before I show him I just want to warn everyone my tastes differ and are not always what you'd consider conventional beauty. I mean, I had a huge thing for the lead singer of Fall Out Boy and he's no Pete Wentz. This is Fernando Llorente. His last name is Torres but due to someone being a rather famous Fernando Torres, my boy had to use his other last name. The good thing though, we can sing ABBA songs together! There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando!

The last one is someone my age which does not bode well for my lack of sanity. It means instead of just saying he's a hottie and moving on, I can imagine a world in where we're going to get together. Because of the same age group. Jeez louise, sometimes I'm so sad, I piss myself off. But here is Jonathan Spector. You may remember him from the final against Brazil. This American defender helped setup the first goal. I was so proud!

Now don't judge my taste or my lack of important information about these boys. Rather let's just get excited about the upcoming World Cup. Think about all those hotties!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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