Sunday, June 28, 2009

Every Girl Loves a Lonely Boy

After spending the whole weekend catching up on Gossip Girl (that's season 1 and 5 epi's from 2) I had an epiphany. Ofcourse with a little help from Green Eyes. On Friday night as you know we were at Neighbourhood having a heart-to-heart about moving-out, Gossip Girl and boys (deliberate use of the word boys) and I was telling green eyes how much I really like the character of Dan (she ofcourse is 100% into Chuck) and how I think he's sexy in his own right whilst my eyes dreamily went into the back of my head. And that's when she slapped me through the face.

Okay, so not literally, but she said that the character of Dan reminds me of my ex, which kind of caught me slightly off guard. And after watching the rest of the episodes over the weekend I realised it's completely true. Sure my ex doesn't live in Brooklyn and he doesn't read literary masterpieces that I know of, but his brooding, non-conformist, and introvert character definately do relate. And that got me thinking. Every girl loves the naughty boy Chuck Bass's and the hunky Nate Archibald's of the world, but we also, deep down inside, love the lonely boy Dan Humphrey's of the world.

Lonely Boys take you by surprise. They may not be model material, eloquent in nature or in-line for a trustfund, but they certainly know how to leave a small imprint on your heart. Maybe it's because they have none of the above to help them that they squirm their way in with their humour, intelligence, listening skills and undiscovered sexuality.

I'll tell you about my own Lonely Boy sometime, but until then I'd like to know your stories about the Dan's, Chucks and Nates of your world, please do fill us in.


P.S. I lied when I said small imprint


  1. haha I love gossip girl, but didn't have any time to watch the 2nd half of season 2! :( I personally adore Chuck! I definitely have been involved with chuck-like characters... I think it's just the thrill of the chase... For some reason, i'm unfortunately just attracted to the assholes :(

  2. I love Chuck...but i have dated a few Lonely boys in my time... :)

  3. at least you've finished with your dan and you can move on to a chuck!


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