Friday, June 12, 2009

Flat Hunting Round Two

So thursday night after work,came about round two of Skinny Bitches on the flat hunt and we had two viewings lined up.
Checklist, camera and directions in hand we were off to our first viewing in Woodstock. Green Eyes coming from the southern suburbs and me coming from Greenpoint to meet halfway was no easy feat.
Did you know how easy it is so get lost in Woodstock? I think we both must have spent an extra R20 bucks on petrol just driving around trying to find this imaginary apartment complex. Eventually (while on the phone to one another) we spotted the high rise sticking out amongst all the houses, but we couldn't seem to get to it, almost like a forbidden fruit. Needless to say, we eventually found the entrance where we were met by the estate agent and the apartment...oh wow, a forbidden fruit most definately.
Somehow I think the pictures will speak for be the judge.

And OMG, check out the view and the roof deck area...can anyone say cocktail party?

And then came the shocking truth. Did you know that not only would we have to fork out for 1.5 month's deposit, but we would also have to salvage together a R750 electricity deposit as well as R600 admin fee. That's a lot of cash, cash we don't have lying around or growing on tree's. Now what is a skinny bitch to do, but kick up a fuss and move on to the next viewing in Vredehoek.

Here we hoped we would find another pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but sadly no. Cheap rent, check; awesome location, check; lack of fitted furnishings, check; hidden costs, check; still wallowing over place in Woodstock, most definately a check.

See the pics below, then scroll up to the previous pics, then scroll back down, scroll back up again....and now you understand.

Let's sum this up.

Bad Points:

  • so in general there are HUGE upfront costs and deposits to be paid and making a decision is hard, being a grown-up is hard, life is hard
  • Woodstock: location (as such), not the best place to be walking around, scarce amount of local coffee shops and boutiques
  • Vredehoek: not as pretty as Woodstock, no BIC or stove, and some bad gay decor in the bathroom (orange floors, how can they call themselves gay with orange floors?)

Good Points:

  • Woostock: is ticks every box on our checklist, every one, it even has a heated towel rack in the bathroom and 2bathrooms. Skinny Bitches most definately need two bathrooms
  • Vredehoek: awesome location right in the heart of Vredehoek by trendy Derry street cafe's and bars, good size bedrooms and lounge...and I spotted a cat.

We're still on the hunt for the perfect Skinny Bitch bordeaux and the 1 August is fast approaching. We're getting really excited and feeling really nervous and crossing fingers that all will come right. We'll keep you posted on the viewings.

Skinny Bitches out

P.S Did we mention that estate agents can be crooked people sometimes. The low down on that story to follow.

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  1. I think the bigger place has more character...but the modern place sure is pretty


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