Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love This City

This weekend I had planned to do almost nothing and just chill. I almost achieved that. Friday night was spent eating pizza, watching The Wedding Singer and gushing about the new flat (we still cannot believe it). Saturday I rented the third season of The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick. She’s the one who married Ren McCormick. Sorry I mean Kevin Bacon. I’m a huge Footloose fan. The third season has been awesome! I’d love to be a ball-busting, well-dressed deputy chief of the LAPD but it looks like a lot of work.

Sunday, Little Brother ( I have two brothers, both older than me but this one is the youngest of the two) and I went to breakfast at Liquorice and Lime where I had the most amazing omelette. My craving was met! They even made it with sweet chilli sauce. I was in heaven. Inspired by Desi, I decided to make the most of the city and visited the Holocaust Centre. (By the way Desi, I was wrong, the centre is free but the R50 entry is for the Jewish Museum). I had been before when I was in high school but this time I enjoyed (if that’s the right word) it more. It was so well-presented and powerful. They had an actual prison outfit worn by a Jewish prisoner from a labour camp. I was dying to touch it. But the glass case and the security guard made it that much harder.

Afterwards my brother went back to his flat and I decided to do some window shopping in Kloof Street. If you had known about the weather in Cape Town yesterday you would have thought I was crazy. It was raining constantly not to mention freezing. As Kloof Street is my soon-to-be ‘hood, I decided to take some time and check out the place. And I absolutely loved it! I got a latte, bought some groceries, rented some more dvds and I got to show off my pink umbrella. Whilst everyone else was running for cover, I was skipping along enjoying the city. I cannot wait till this becomes a regular occurrence.

Because of my huge love for this city, I was saddened by this article by UK football journalist Louise Taylor. She’s such a meanie and says all the wrong things. Egypt deserves the World Cup ‘cause they built the pyramiads? Seriously WTF? Yes SA has flaws but we still rock. And the World Cup next year is going to be awesome! I just hope this woman doesn’t come here. But if she does she better not meet me after five cosmos. I’m not such a lady then. Like Carrie Bradshaw I am also in a relationship with my city, “And I can’t have no one talking shit about my boyfriend.”

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I love Cape Town....that journalist bites

  2. How can she say that? I mean seriously, what was she thinking? SA is the most awesome place ever!!!

  3. Heyhey! Glad I could be you inspiration for the Holocast museum! i went there last week with my sister and AGAIN on!
    Got a few pics I'll post on a later stage!
    you HAVE to try their Bar-One milkshake at the coffeeshop!!yummmm

    if I see a pink umbrella skipping around Kloofstreet i'll know it's you! I'll just call out "hey Skinny Bitch! How are you?"


    have a cool day(no pun intended)


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