Monday, August 31, 2009

Vodka = Bad

So this past weekend, the Skinny Bitches decided to open up our doors and a dozen bottles of wine for our housewarming. Luckily Cape Town was blessed with great weather so we could use our balcony for the first time. We were also incredibly lucky to have some amazing friends and coworkers, all of whom brought us awesome presents. You guys rock. Seriously it was like Christmas all over again. The only bad part of it all, the vodka. This is a warning to everyone out there, do not drink multiple shots of neat vodka, no matter how cute it is when it’s all wrapped up or even if it’s flavoured. Because the next morning you will suffer. If you ever needed proof there were evils things in the world, here it is. And the worst part is I am still suffering. All I want is my bed.

Despite our heads spinning and hanging like an alkie, we still managed to keep a breakfast date the next morning. Whilst wearing dark glasses of course! This breakfast date gave us the opportunity to answer the question, where are all the hot men? Answer: having breakfast together. Despite feeling really fragile, we were still able to check out the hot boys. And the best bit there was a boy to suit everyone’s taste. And they were all sitting together. It was the best remedy two hungover skinny bitches could get. There was the cute one who’d make you a hot water bottle when you have cramps, there was the hot one who you’d feel was too good looking to be yours, there was the hipster one who was so cutting edge it hurts, there was the dirty sexy one who you’d want to tie up and do bad things to and then there was one with the best smile and the type of hair you just want to stroke. It was such a mission to leave the restaurant. Particularly because our flat resembled an advertisement for a bomb site.

I am so happy the day is drawing to a close. Now I can go home and do what I have been thinking about all day, have some pizza, watch Hairspray and sleep. Good times.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. that sounds like an awesome weekend! Hope you recover soon!

  2. Uck. Hate vodka. LOL. Been there :)

  3. Sounds like a great time (well, except for the massive hangover).

    I like Vodka...its yum


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