Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want too

That's a bit melodramatic.

I had a really good day considering I was at work and am looking forward to the weekend plans.
Today I got woken up by my favourite roomie 'green eyes' with a cup of tea and a chocolate Charlie's cupcake....heaven...and a good way to start any day. Then I got to work and discovered condoms on my desk...apparently we all got them, but people decided to pass theirs along to me seeing as it is my birthday and I acquired more than one pack. I now feel as if my desk can pass for a family planning clinic. On the bright side, I'll alwyas be prepared.

Then I discovered a present hiding behind my laptop from the writer of Juz, Jax and El. It's a personalised blog message to me printed and framed, it even came with the Juz, Jax and El wrapping paper. I absolutely love it and am trying to decided whether to keep it at work or at the flat were I know it will make green eyes jealous...

I got lots of birthday wishes from friends and colleagues and hugs (which I love too) and even my Client gave me a gift which is really sweet, maybe they really do like me!

Then it was back to the office where we had cake (thanks mom) which went down a treat and I got the most amazing bunch of flowers from my bosses. Super spoilt.

Now, Im at the folks (mandatory family-birthday dinner) which again was great and I get to do sweet nothing as they run around fussing over me...lucky I brought a whole bag of washing home with me...

Plans for weekend are as follows: breakfast tomorrow with folks at wine farm, then best friend picking me up for 'adventure' (slightly nervous), the off to Planet Bar for cocktails tomorrow eve with close friends. Then saturday green eyes is taking me to spa to get me all pamapered up and spolit, then we're off to Assembly for some rocking 80's tunes.

Can a Skinny Bitch get any luckier?
Birthdays Rock



  1. Happy birthday! I'm glad you've had a good day and that you have such a great weekend planned! Enjoy the pampering!


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