Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In my little office

It's week two back at the office and what I thought was going to be a tearful week has turned in to a calm, relaxed and poised one. Although, Im ot sure how poised one can be with a dodgy tan on her legs and still trying to get sand out from under her nails from a very windy shoot.

Preparations have been made at work to make my work life a little more bearable. And I've learnt a few things in the process. But instead of me babbling on like a twit i've summarised.

Things I've learnt
  • that I have been doing my fair share of other people's work
  • that i'm appreciated at work by my colleagues and clients
  • that there is always a solution to something, no matter how bad it seems

Things that have changed

  • i've moved in to my own little office (which sounds fancier than what it is, but basically I have more space in which to spread my crap around)
  • we have 2 x new people on our team which is always a good thing, many hands make light work
  • lunches will be taken and I will try leave before 6pm
  • I can actually blog for a change

So all in all, im feeling positive about the year ahead which wasn't always the case. for a second there i had grand plans to travel, go oversee's and work, become a camp know how it it, sometimes enough is enough, but if things work out the way they are supposed to, then I may be around here for another year.

I hope all you working bloggers have started the work year on a good note.

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