Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm One of the Others

If you managed to understand that title, you're probably a Lost geek like myself.

To me, this show is the shizz. It was way more addictive than Prison Break and even more intriguing than CSI. No matter the convoluted plot twists or the week wait till the next episode, I was always tuning in.

The new and final season started last week in the US. Obviously it's still awhile till it hits SA and I am going crazy. I need to know what happens but don't wanna read the spoilers and ruin it.

I wish I had unlimited internet cos then it'll me, a laptop and a night spent on

Until then I am totally open to friends of friends who have illegal copies. I need my fix!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

UPDATE: The gays managed to find Lost. (Haha how funny does that sound!) You guys are awesome. Cannot wait for tomorrow night!

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  1. What is this I saw on Gail's blog?!? Not entering? I'm so utterly hurt.
    Excuse me while I go drink in the loo.


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