Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skinny Bitches Progress Report

We thought it was time for an update on the various aspects of our lives, here's the low down.

Fabulous Apartment: CHECK

We absolutely love living in town, especially as we're just off Kloof and we all know Kloof is where it's at. We have many friends telling us that Sea Point is the new hub or that a stylish new modern apartment is the way to go, we completely disagree. Where else can you walk to your favourite restraurants and shops and have the amount of room space we have. Plus in this extreme heat, we're very lucky that our apartment is really cool. Plus the daily entertainment we get from our neighbours makes it worth it, who'd needs Reality TV.

Boys: TBC

We're super amped up fro the World Cup. Not only because the atmosphere and party seen will be amazing, but becuase the foreign boys will soon be gracing our shores. Us Skinny Bitches have personally taken it upon ourselves to be the Cape Town Welcoming Commitee. SP yo may catch glimpses of us at the airport, Dubliner, Waterfront and generally walking up and down Long & Kloof street. We've got our World Map and language guides ready in hand. VIVA CAPE TOWN 2010

Zero-Waists: CHECK

Green Eyes is still hitting the gym and I'm pleasantly watching her leave the apartment to go to the gym. Except for a dodgy tan and some 'maintainance' issues, we're happy with the progress we're making on our size zero-waists (and all that it entails)

High Heels: CHECK

Althought the funds are low, did you know it was actually possible for your salary to decrease? It's called medical aid and inflation. However, clothign and fashion are still important to us and so we sacrifice eating nice food for having new clothes and shoes. I recently hit one of those 'everything for R90' sles at the Riverclub and scored big time. Heads-up, if you don't get there earlety (7am) then don't even bother. It was definately worth it and now I am pleasantly satisfied with my wardrobe additions.

Plans: CHECK

I've added Plans to the checklist. It's good to have plans so you have some things to look forward to. So upcoming plans for us are a Kelly Clarkson concert, Friends birthdays, Girls weekend away in April, trip overseas, World Cup 2010 (yes, it's a plan) and many more to follow.
P.S. we've just discovered Deco-Dane (yes a little late), but absoultely love the place, definately more trips there.

Careers: can we just leave this blank for now and pretend it never came up :)


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  1. i absolutely LOVE deco dance!!! :)

    i dont think i can be size zero EVER in my life. are you serious about Size Zero(6 sizes down from Size 6/ size 30) ?


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