Monday, July 26, 2010

An open letter to Green Eyes

You'll often find on our blog that Green Eyes writes open letters. I thought it would be nice to write an open letter to her and in the process letting you have sneak peak in to the daily, and not so private lives, of the Skinny Bitches. Here we go...

Dear Green Eyes

Foremost, you are the best roomate anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you for all those times when I've had a shitty day and you've done everything you could to make me feel better. Whether it be giving me a hug, making me tea, or having supper ready to eat. Even those times when you've told me 'I''d do you if I was a lesbian' or those times you broke your healthy eating plan just so I wouldn't feel lonely eating a whole chocolate bar by myself. Those times when you sat on my bed late at night listening to me bitch and moan about work even though you were secretly screaming 'shut the hell up so I can go to bed'...Thank You

Sorry for sometimes being a complete bitch just because I had no one else to take it out on and sorry for playing Avri Lavigne in our lounge... I didn't mean to make you think I was angry..I just love her. Sorry for leaving dishes in the sink only to come home and find you've washed up after me and sorry for hassling you about bringing my cat to the flat...I understand I'm skating on thin ice. Sorry for making you watch trashy American teeny-pop movies, you hate them, but yet you watch them with me anyway. Sorry for telling people you cannot cook, that is clearly a lie as I have work colleagues who would sell their souls for your secret mash... I'm sorry

I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, those 'times' have meant the world to me, so Thank You and I'm Sorry.

Love you long time, your roomie for life (well until we find hottie husbands)

Blue Eyes


  1. That's an awesome letter! It sounds like you guys are really lucky to have each other. And secret mash?

  2. have to admit, i teared up a little when I read this. then I made blue eyes cry.
    love you long time roomie!

  3. Ah! Now I want a girly roommate, cause I live with a smelly boy who bitch when I play my Eclipse soundtrack or watch Kendra!

  4. Can't.stop.laughing! You two are too cute. Can't we convert your lounge into a 3rd bedroom so I can move in?

  5. Hi, Blue Eyes big sis here - when can i move in?? xxx


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