Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something Old, Something New

If I had to describe myself (to a potential mate, a prospective boss or just to anyone who’d be willing to listen) I’d use the word ambitious. I have lots of dreams and I have faith I will achieve them. While I’m working hard to achieve my dreams, a lot of other stuff gets pushed back to the metaphorical closet.

I was the queen of “Ooh I must do this.” Or “As soon as I can afford it I’ll do that.” Or “Please remind me to finally get ‘round to it.”

Then last month I got sick of putting things off and decided to just do them. I don’t want to get all morbid but when this life is over, I want to look back and say, no regrets.

In order not to get bored or give up, I’ve decided that once a week I’ll do something new. There are no limits or rules on this “something new” so it gives me a chance to get round to some exciting stuff and some not so exciting stuff.

I started this last week so the next post will be about my first new thing I’ve done. I have yet to do something new this week so if there are any suggestions please let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. You better mention the awesome redesign of your blog as something new!

  2. I really like your re-design, I'm inspired to give my blog a mini-makeover. Can't wait to hear about your 'something new'!

  3. Looking good! How about... colon cleansing? nah. Hollywood wax? Ask a guy for his number? Plant a tree? Try a new cocktail at a new bar? Decorate your room? Skinny dip in the sea? Run 10 kms? Blow a paycheck on a designer item? (not sure how many of those you have already done!) can't think of anything sensible... let us know!love you, miss you x0x0


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